The task of data monitoring of spacecraft operation control system with the problem area covering


Shikhin S. M.

Lavochkin Research and Production Association, NPO Lavochkin, 24, Leningradskay str., Khimki, Moscow region, 141400, Russia



The state of the up-to-date software tools and objective hardships of ensuring data control of the space equipment planning and control system (SE PCS) and its lifecycle management, related to the problem area complexity, require improving approaches to the corresponding problems solution. The problem of software and hardware tools (SHT) verification and their reliability is not yet solved in the general case. It seems that the reason for this is the lack of modelling and full coverage of the entire wide problem area, including both applied tasks and corresponding SHT. Thus, it is necessary to cover the entire problem area to ensure data control, and their management based on considerable data and knowledge on entire problem area under consideration. Data control should be performed over the entire life cycle of the spacecraft equipment planning and control system by modifications of various types of software components

In the case under consideration, such an approach requires a uniform formalization of the entire complex, non-uniform, but internally unified problem area, as applied to the task of data monitoring of the spacecraft control and its life cycle managing system. For such formalization ensuring, the author suggests radical modelling and RADICAL universal language of radical schemes. Thus, the goal of the presented work is brief description of the approach to ensuring data control of the spacecraft equipment planning and control system based radical modelling.

In general, the proposed approach is aimed at the wide application of software and hardware, standardization of the problem area of the spacecraft SE PCS and other complex ASs, and their intellectualization, i.e. the ability of solving contingency situations and self-learning on their basis.


automated system, spacecraft, planning and control system, predicate logic, logical programming, hardware and software, standardization, intellectualization

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