Using the BIE method for analyzing boundary problems of 3-D dynamic visco- and pore-elasticity

Mathematics. Physics. Mechanics


Belov A. A., Igumnov L. A., Karelin I. S., Litvinchuk S. Y.



The results of analyzing the dynamic state of visco-elastic bodies using the boundary element method (BEM) in combination with the convolution quadrature and Dourbin methods are presented. The analysis of visco-elastic boundary problems in 3-D formulation in explicit time is constructed without using stepped procedures. A model of a porous medium with a two-phase internal structure introduced by Byo is examined. The results of analyzing the dynamic state of finite porous-elastic bodies using BEM are given. Numerical experiments are presented.


boundary integral equations, boundary element, visco-elasticity, pore-elasticity

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