Experimental Investigation of Restricted Shock Separation in Nozzle with Exit Cone

Aerospace propulsion engineering


Komarov V. V., Ponomarev A. A.*, Ponomarev N. B.**

Keldysh Research Centre, 8, Onezhskaya str., Moscow, 125438, Russia

*e-mail: ponomar_aa@mail.ru
**e-mail: ponomarevnb@mail.ru


The so-called restricted shock flow separation (RSS) was revealed experimentally in a high-area-ratio model nozzle having a truncated ideal contour and a 45° back exit cone intended initially for facilitating ground tests of rocket engines with such nozzles. Transitions from the usually observed free shock flow separation (FSS) to RSS and vice versa in this nozzle with the exit cone of different exit diameter during increasing and decreasing the chamber pressure are analyzed. To this effect both static pressures and their pulsations were measured on the nozzle surface, and also surface oil pictures in the flow separation region are employed.


gas dynamics, nozzle, flow separation, shock waves


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