The HSCSO enhancement during 520-day isolation experiment under MARS-500 PROJECT

Space technics and technology


Kochetkov A. A.1*, Kurmazenko E. A.1**, Khabarovsky N. N.2***, Kamaletdinova G. .2****

1. Scientific Research and Design Institute of Chemical Engineering, NIIchimmash, 14, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya str., Moscow, 127015, Russia
2. Research Institute, NIIchimmach, 14, Novodmitrovskaya, Moscow, 127015, Russia



One of the main problems which restrict implementation of interplanetary flights, is a guarantee of reliability and safety of the onboard system operation in conditions autonomous manned spaceflight. This issue is not fully analized, that is why it is necessary to answer to a series of new issues, which distinguish interplanetary missions from orbital flight of comparable duration (1.5 - 2 years). The main aim of the “Mars-500 project” is learning of the “man – environment” system in conditions of prolonged isolation, which simulates the flight to Mars (long duration, autonomy, changes of the communication conditions with Earth – restrictions of expendable resources and the information transmission rate).


life support system; long duration space mission; simulation modeling; simulation training system; hardware/software complex; off-normal situation

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