Radars for supervision and the control of premises and territories of the airports and air terminals.

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems


Okhotnikov D. A., Kornev Y. I.*, Immoreev I. Y., Stepanov R. J.


*e-mail: kornev.uwb@gmail.com


In the article features the construction of ultra-wideband radar, developed at the Research Center for UWB technologies of the Moscow aviation institute (SRC UWB MAI) and designed for continuous observation and monitoring of premises and areas related to unauthorized entry or movement of people, including non mobile people (at movement of the thorax) and the people behind optically opaque barriers (walls, vegetation, fog, smoke). Examples of practical use of such radars.


ultrawideband radar, processing the two quadratures, Doppler radar, phase detection, digital signal processing.


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