Automatic stabilization of the unstable UAV runway rollout lateral dynamics under control constraints

Aviation technics and technology


Bissenov O. V., Tsarev E. K., Obolensky Y. G.*

Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG, 2, Leningradskoe shosse, Moscow, 125171, Russia



Abstract. The paper considers the analysis and synthesis of an autoland flight control system of a tailless UAV in lateral motion stabilization mode during runway roll-out. The UAV lateral motion is unstable and, consequently, stability region of the closed loop is bounded due to control constraints. The maximum stability region is computed. The scheduled-gain static controller, obtained using LMI, is used for lateral motion stabilization during runway roll-out. The simulation results are presented using high-fidelity nonlinear aircraft model.


UAV, automatic landing, control constraints, unstable aircraft, runway rollout.

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