Technique of a resource estimation of the aviation structure in the operational loading conditions

Aviation technics and technology


Loshkarev A. N.

Research and Production Association “BAZALT”, 32, Velyaminovskaya str., Moscow, 105318, Russia



Results of working out of design procedures of dynamic characteristics and of a resource estimation of elements structural products aviation articles in the conditions of joint operation with the carrier are presented. Working out of the final-element model of a structure with the account of a structural features and loading conditions is executed. Algorithms of an estimation of indicators of durability of thin-walled designs of considered products taking into account influence of welded connections are generated. The technique of tests for vibrating durability which can be used for partial replacement of flight tests by the appointed resource laboratory vibrating tests is developed.


aeronautical engineering; load-carrying surface; finite element method; oscillations; resource; vibration accelerations; vibration stresses; random vibration.

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