The mechanism of filtration in the membrane filter/separator of system SRV-K2M

Space technics and technology


Bobe L. S., Astafiev V. B., Kapitsa A. A., Sterin V. F.

Research Institute, NIIchimmach, 14, Novodmitrovskaya, Moscow, 127015, Russia


The membrane filter/separator incorporated in the system for water recovery from humidity condensate is being experimentally tested on the International Space Station (ISS). The membrane filter/separator (MFS) acts as a preliminary separation stage in the humidity condensate separation and pumping unit. In addition to condensate separation from a condensate/air flow the membrane filter/separator provides liquid pretreatment by means of its filtration through micro porous membranes. The principle of operation of the MFS and its design are described in [1]. The paper deals with the results of research in the mechanism of filtration in the membrane filter/separator. It is demonstrated that the filtration process in the MFS occurs with sedimentation on the surface of a membrane. Specific studies intended for development of procedure for apparatus life calculation have been conducted. Based on the data obtained the MFS life calculation procedure is proposed. The design data are in good agreement with the data obtained in trial operation of the membrane filter/separator aboard the ISS.


water supplies system; membrane technology; liquid separation; static separation; hydrophilic membrane; micro porous membrane life; mechanism of filtration.

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