Designing linear and nonlinear microwave devices with broadband agreeing structures

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems


Petrov I. A.

Central Scientific Research Radiotechnical Institute name of the academician A.I. Berg, 20, Novaya Basmannaya, 105066, Russia



In article are considered examples of the designing linear and nonlinear microwave devices with use broadband agreeing structures with  and opened trains. The Structures microwave device, synthesized by classical methods, are combined with periodic broadband structure that allows vastly to enlarge the number a parameters for the following parametric syntheses. As a result manages vastly to enlarge the number variants circuits of the building under development microwave devices, increase their operating range of the frequencies, reduce the size, add the devices new frequency characteristics.


linear microwave devices, nonlinear microwave devices, broadband agreeing structures.

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