Amathematical model of the engine in acs gte for increasing of safety and quality control

Aerospace propulsion engineering


Gol'berg F. D.*, Gurevich O. S.**, Petukhov A. .***

Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P.I. Baranov, CIAM, 2, Aviamotornaya str., Moscow, 111116, Russia



The computing capabilities of modern digital electronic ACS GTE allow to increase essentially quality of control of aviation engines. One of such capabilities relate to application of the high level integrated on-board mathematical model of engine (OMME) in ACS - the full thermogas dynamic mathematical models of engine working in real time. Using such models makes it possible to control the engine parameters, which directly characterize efficiency of using of engine, such as thrust, specific oil consumption, coefficient combustion efficiency , gas dynamics stability margin etc. Besides, it is possible to implement the compensation of sensor failures of controlled and external parameters, Р*1 и Т*1. Using of full thermogas dynamic models of engine as a part of ACS is considered to be one of the perspective direction in the development of aviation GTE in perspective foreign engineering of digital ACS.


control system, on-board model, unmeasured parameter, sensor fault, validation

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