On providing the launch vehicle separated elements falling into assigned ground area during the launches from the new launch pads

Space technics and technology


Arseniev V. N., Fadeev A. S., Kazakov R. R.*

Military spaсe Akademy named after A.F. Mozhaisky, 13, Zdanovskaya str., Saint Petersburg, 197198, Russia

*e-mail: xoxlov1984@bk.ru


The problem is considered of the zone definition where the launch vehicle’s element should separate to fall into the assigned ground area. The problem is shown to be ill-defined, and a set of the solutions exists. The approach is suggested allowing determining the separation zone securing the separated element falling into the assigned ground area under the atmosphere and wind parameters variation at minimal decrease of the spacecraft injection accuracy.


launch vehicle; spacecraft; separated elements; new launch pads; perturbing factors; atmosphere parameters; separation zone; dispersion ellipse; falling zone; ignition accuracy


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