Organization of the ground launch complexes operations supporting operative deployment of orbital constellations

Space technics and technology


Fadeev A. S.


The issues of the ground launch complexes’ operations based on advanced orbital constellations’ deployment strategies are discussed. The selection of the launch vehicles supporting the required orbital constellation architecture as well as corresponded ground launch complexes should be performed taking into account limitations of ballistic, technological, environmental and financial nature. The mathematical programming optimization problem is formulated and the solution method is described based on the branch and bounds method. The methodology for the allowable plans’ synthesis is suggested integrating the problem of allocation approach and branch and bounds method concept. This methodology is to be implemented jointly with the known methods of the falling rocket stages’ environment impact evaluation and ground space infrastructure economical optimization allowing management of the ground launch complexes during deployment of the advanced satellite constellations.


space activities; ground space infrastructure; launch vehicle; launch means; environment situation; spacecraft; orbital constellation; deployment strategy; organizational and technical system control optimization

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