Synthesis of Fault-Tolerant IMA Platforms for Aircraft Equipment Subsystems

Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities


Avakyan A. A.

Research institute of aircraft equipment, 18, Tupolev St., Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, 140182, Russia



The purpose of the present paper is to consider the research results in the fields of creation of fail-safe systems of aircraft avionics, which are capable to automate the critical aircraft processes and to satisfy the requirements of airworthiness regulations, flight regularity, all standards for aircraft equipment as well as to minimize maintenance costs. It is shown that the architecture of such systems must meet the concept of integrated modular avionics (IMA).
The work has basically resulted in developing a comparison method for parameters values, that have passed over different interface computation paths, while the majority testing is performed for these paths. This method is based on a regression filter designed by the author. The statistics of multiple signals carrying any information of the parameter value is processed in the regression filter and compared with the value within confidence interval for the residual variance of the parameter regression. Any disorders in the path are shown to cause a change to the selected comparison criterion. The practical significance of the developed method is that its application in information processing systems for critical parameters (systems which failures cause emergency and catastrophic effects) allows sufficient fail-safety to be achieved to satisfy airworthiness and flight regulations.
In addition to the results mentioned above, the following points have been developed: the architecture of a fail-safe interface computer platform, the architecture of the IMA system, which subsystems are built on the platform developed in this work, the flowchart of the typical interface computer path. In addition to that, formulas for reliability performance calculation have been deduced for a sophisticated redundant system.
The reasons to develop aircraft equipment to the IMA concept are shown. The particular methods of IMA platform development and systems minimizing design and maintenance costs have been developed.


system, avionics, interface computation path, architecture, IMA platform, unified, maintenance, costs, operation, redundancy


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