Magnetic pulse test-bed for the controllable separation of the nanosatellite

Space technologies


Gimranov Z. I.

Samara National Research University named after Academician S.P. Korolev, 34, Moskovskoye shosse, Samara, 443086, Russia



The number of CubeSats launched every year for carrying out of technological experiments and for educational purposes is steadily increasing. The main problem is searching for inexpensive opportunities for launches of such small satellites into orbit. As a rule, they are launched in condition of piggy-back launch with the priority of main payload. The traditional method for CubeSats nanosatellites separation is a device, which uses a spring pusher, for example, the ISIPOD separation device, which is produced by the company ISIS located in Netherlands. However, if a group of CubeSats needs to be launched with the help of these devices there will be the problems caused by the impossibility of operative influence on the speed of CubeSats separation.
In order to eliminate this lack and to provide controlled deployment of CubeSats group, it is proposed to use a device, which allows to change the separation speed of each CubeSat and based on usage of electromagnetic forces. Experimental research on the magnetic-pulsed drive designed for nanosatellite separation on the example of CubeSat nanosatellite were carried out. Experimental test-bed for testing of CubeSat mass-dimensional analogue was created.
The new separation device is based on the principle of non-contact action on the object.
The main advantage of this action is the absence of damage probability on separated object during the time of removal into an orbit. Advantages also include the possibility to control the separation speed with the help of stored energy.
The positive results were obtained during testing and CubeSat mass-dimensional analogue was separated with 0.5 - 3.0 m/s velocity.
The results can be used for creation of nanosatellites separation device, allowing to quickly set up the required separation speed.
The prototype of the separation device was made and verified. The positive conclusion has been received for patent № 2011118259/11 (027041) RU, 20.06.2012 МPК В64С 1/10 “Method for the nanosatellite piggy-back launching and device for its separation.”


the deployment device, magnetic field, inductor, nanosatellite, payload, , , separation velocity, cluster, adapter module, control unit


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