Possibility of using method differential optical absorption spectroscopy for prospective domestic scientific equipment

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Vorokov A. V.

Corporation "Space systems monitoring, information management and electromechanical systems" named A.G. Iosif'yan, "Corporation "VNIIEM", 4, Horomny deadlock, building 1, Moscow, 107078, Russia

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The problem of measuring the composition and characteristics of the Earths' atmosphere is a priority for a number of science and human activities. Domestic equipment able to conduct such measurements does not currently exist. Foreign scientific equipment usage and data is not enough to solve the problem of monitoring gas composition of the atmosphere, even on Russian territory.
To solve these problems, a special scientific device is introduced: a spectrometer for atmospheric gas composition SA-MP (for UV, visible and NIR range). High resolution capability of SA-MP is enough to find traces of gas components in the atmosphere at pixel level, and a wide spectral range will define the characteristics of aerosols and clouds.
In oder to get the resulting data in SA-MP, it is proposed to process the spectral density of a light beam luminance with DOAS method (developed IUP in Bremen).
DOAS is a method used to determine the concentrations and total amounts of atmospheric trace gases from remote sensor measurements. The light traveling through the atmosphere is partly absorbed by trace gas components along the way according to BougerLambert-Beer’s law of absorption.
A list of possible problems with the DOAS method usage is described, and computational methods of removing approximation are discussed in the article. Methods for processing information from specific spectral ranges SA-MP (part of the DOAS method) are also provided.
The positive and negative aspects of DOAS method are identified and a final conclusion on the applicability of the DOAS method in spectrometer SA-MP is reached.


method DOAS, Beer-Lambert-Bouguer law, Ring Effect, Fraunhofer lines


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