Reverse construction permanent magnets synchronous generators for wind turbines and low scale hydro turbines Inverted Construction of Synchronous Generators with Permanent Magnets for Wind-power Stations and Small-scale Hydropower Engineering

Radio engineering. Electronics


Ivanov N. S.*, Tulinova E. E.**

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



This work is devoted to consideration of engineering issues of designing up-to-date wind-power stations. The aim of the paper is development of a design procedure for inverted construction of synchronous generators with permanent magnets (PM) for wind-power stations and small-scale hydro power engineering.
Determination of the main parameters of generators on the base of calculation of two-dimensional magnetic field in active zone of a generator is the theme of this article.
Calculation of the stationary two-dimensional magnetic fields of a synchronous generator is based on the analytical solution of the Poisson equation in various areas of the active zone of the electrical machine with PM.
Based on the analytical solutions the expressions for determination of the main parameters of a generator with PM have been obtained. It was showed that for greater number of ports magnetic field is mainly concentrated in the air gap and rapidly decreases outside of it.
New analytical expressions for estimating rational parameters of wind-energy generators were obtained. Using the presented approach the parameters of synchronous generator with output power of 10 MW were calculated.
The article provides a starting-point for further research in the field of synchronous generators with PM design for wind-power stations and small-scale hydro power engineering.


two dimensional magnetic field, analytical method, inverted design of synchronous generator with permanent magnets, wind energy, hydro energy


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