On TEM Lens Horn Antenna as Element of Circle Antenna Aarray

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems


Efimova N. A.

Moscow Technical University of Communications And Informatics, 8a, Aviamotornaya Str., Moscow, 111024, Russia

e-mail: e.natalie86@gmail.com


In the article, a new design of the TEM horn antenna is proposed and studied. The effective design of the circle array by these new elements is considered and studied theoretically in ultra-wide frequency band. The author discloses advantages and disadvantages of using TEM horn antennas as an element of a circle array.
Proposed new design of the TEM horn lens antenna is under consideration whereas the horn lens is studied as an element of a circle array in the ultra-wide frequency band. Antenna’s matching and radiation characteristics are calculated by the numerical simulating carried out with the method of the finite elements. Different geometries of the lens and different methods of the excitation of the TEM horn are considered.
The paper reveals the simulation results for the circle array of the proposed TEM horn lens antennas. One can notice a good matching characteristic of the model and very small interference between different elements of the circle array. On the other hand the width of the radiation pattern of the TEM horn lens antenna is very small which can be a disadvantage when one uses the TEM horn lens antenna as an element of a circle array.
The paper provides engineers and scientists involved in ultra-wide band antennas and ultra-wide band radio monitoring with the obtained results for their future research.


circle antenna array, UWB antenna array, UWB antenna, lens antenna, horn antenna


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