Substantiation of Functional Tasks and Structure of Intellectualized Subsystem of Problem-oriented Control System Based on Medium of Scheme Radicals

Control and navigation systems


Belavkin P. A.

Military Academy of Strategic Missile Forses named after Petr Veliky, 9/5, Kitaygorodsky Proezd, Moscow, 109074, Russia



The justification of functional tasks and structure of the perspective problem-oriented control system for complicated dynamic objects was conducted. This line of research is aimed at improving efficiency of intended purpose of the objects under consideration (flying crafts of different classes and types). The main approach to achieve the desired objective was intellectualization of the problem-oriented control system of complex dynamic objects, as well as the method of system integration of dissimilar problem-oriented systems.
The conceptual model of problem-oriented control system was developed. In accordance to the ultimate purpose of development of functional capability of problem-oriented systems when developing the conceptual model, the issue of information-system security of the problem-oriented systems throughout their lifecycle was examined. This problem was solved by using intellectualization of problem-oriented control systems based on the use of the medium of language scheme radicals. In this medium it is possible to develop and expand the range of solvable regular tasks of ensuring information/system security of problem-oriented systems by training them to solve some emergency tasks. Using medium of scheme radicals all objects and relations in the problem area of a complicated system, along with all processes taking place in it can be definitely and visually presented. Systems and subsystems, components of all types of provision (software, technical and other), tasks under consideration can be also presented conveniently.
The results of this work are intended for solving applied tasks in cybernetics. Practical use of the results obtained showed their effectiveness at all stages of the life cycle of a complicated system.


problem-oriented control system, structure, system integration, intelligent control, information-system security, medium scheme of radicals, subsystem, functional tasks


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