Methodical bases for predictive researches on spacecraft modifications

Design, construction and manufacturing of flying vehicles


Lamzin V. A.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



Methodical bases for predictive research on perspective spacecraft (SC modifications) as a part of the space system (SS) of remote sensing (RS) were considered when upgrading with a given point in time. They allow to define rational (optimal) planning and design solutions for the future technique sample taking into account implementation of the project (dynamics of the external technical, economic and organizational connections (restrictions)), also, it is possible to determine the rational parameters of an object and its subsystems, in which the required tactical and technical performance can be obtained.

The concepts of multi-level management of developments and implementation of multi-level design model are the basis of the created method. A two-level model of project management and correlated statistical method for two-level optimization are used. The statistical method involves solution to the main problems of the planning stages for the project as whole and replaceable subsystems, as well as the tasks of directed adaptation of project dependencies of top level. Design problems statements of upper and lower project management and two-level optimization of the SC target hardware module parameters are given.

Algorithm of research project involves the sequential solutions to the tasks for the developments on the upper and lower levels of management with the implemented design solutions. On the one hand, this approach makes it possible to take into account the peculiarities of design solutions to spacecraft subsystems without the expansion of the project model, on the other hand, optimization of the subsystem parameters unit on the lower level of management (with the detailed design model) is carried out taking into account the dynamics of functional limitations (weight, size, information and power). The implementation of such approach makes it possible to organize a multivariate study (when restricted with periods of work) and provides a definition of sustainable design solutions by expanding the range of possible solutions.

The developed methodical bases for predictive studies allow to carry out optimization of performance modifications of spacecraft and its subsystems, to form a efficient algorithm of coherent optimization, to evaluate the effect of the key technologies parameters on the performance of advanced equipment. The key (basic) technology refers to forward-looking design and technological solutions (DTS) to the basic subsystems implemented while creating spacecraft and their modifications in the planning period, on which the scientific and technical level, the competitiveness and efficiency of equipment are depended. In turn, such studies (during the inverse problem solving) allow to highlight the key (basic) DTS and find their rational parameters. The effectiveness of a new technology created in the planning period depended, mostly, from the implementation of key technologies.


Earth remote sensing, modernization, modification, predictive researches, methodical bases, technical-and-economic model, algorithm, parameters


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