Active control on overall flow pattern of engine impeller of axial compressor of gas-turbine engine

Thermal engines, electric propulsion and power plants for flying vehicles


Alekseyev I. I.1*, Klepikov D. S.1**, Gogaev G. P.2***, Isaev A. M.1****

1. MESC Air Force “Air Force Academy named after professor N.E. Zhukovskii and Yu.A. Gagarin”, 54a, Starykh bol'shevikov, Voronezh, 394064, Russia
2. A.Lyulka Design Bureau - a branch of the Ufa Engine Industrial Association, 13, Kasatkina str., Moscow, 129301, Russia



A one of the main trend in the design of compressor of fifth or sixth generation ofgas-turbine engine of highly-maneuverable aircrafts is reduction in the number of stages of compressor while keeping or increase efficiency, stall margin and other settings. In solving of this task highly important the support unseparated flow around working surfaces of compressor flow path, which can be support by a development method of flow control.

As such in VUNTs Air Force «Prof. N.E. Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin military and air academy» perform investigation of active control of flow pattern.

Work objective resides of developing effect method of active control of flow pattern in compressor rotor wheel of gas-turbine engine for further formation state of the art instruction.

The investigation is concerned withactive control of flow patternin compressor rotor wheel. Research subject is influence of active control of flow pattern of test medium.

Are described following method of active control of flow pattern included injection test medium:

  • Against rotor wheel hub by profiled injection ports does made on platform of compressor rotor blade.

  • Injection to blade tip clearance by profiled injection ports does made on compressor case.

Results of calculated investigation shows that these methods of active control of flow pattern allow increase any characteristics of compressor stage and compressor totally.

The control effect visualize on off-design point more than other, efficiency relies upon inject direction, injection force, and form, quantity, layout ofprofiled injection ports.

In departments of aviation engine be carried out research of test medium injection on compressor stage characteristics.

Next stage of work is simulation of active control of axial flow compressor of gas turbine engine.

These methods of active control will let to improve characteristics not onlyfifth or more generation of aircraft engine, but also4++ generation. Also these methods may be used in earth-based power plant, whichwill take a positive economic effect.


. active control of flow pattern, axial compressor, profiled injection ports, blade tip clearance, rotor wheel hub


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