Models of statistical consolidation and algorithms of scheduling of the diverse traffic terrestrial stations of satellite communication in the conditions of the changing interfering situation

Systems, networks and telecommunication devices


Kovalsky A. A.

Military spaсe Akademy named after A.F. Mozhaisky, 13, Zdanovskaya str., Saint Petersburg, 197198, Russia



Scientific work is devoted to the organization of statistical consolidation of a diverse traffic in channeling equipment of the terrestrial stations of satellite communication (TSSC) in the conditions of the changing interfering situation. Object of research is the terrestrial station of satellite communication. An object of research is the technology of consolidation of satellite radio lines by transfer of a multiservice traffic in terrestrial stations.

The purpose of researches consists in capacity growth of terrestrial stations of satellite communication due to statistical consolidation of a multiservice traffic in different conditions of an interfering situation.

Models of statistical consolidation and algorithms of scheduling of a diverse traffic taking into account priorities in service and not stationarity of the entering information flows on the basis of markovly the modulated poisson processes are developed. Research of dependences of increase in throughput of TSSC on application of technology of statistical consolidation and change of parameters of quality of service of a diverse traffic is conducted. Recommendations about upgrade of channeling equipment of TSSC are offered, and also the model of special program software of channeling equipment of TSSC is developed.


statistical consolidation, scheduling of a traffic, terrestrial station of satellite communication


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