New methods of adaptive signal correction in aviation HF data transmission modem

Systems, networks and telecommunication devices


Maslakov M. L.

Russian institute for power radiobuilding, 11th Line of the VO, 66, Saint-Petersburg, 199048, Russia



The importance and need for HF data transmission lines is increasing greatly with expanding of the aviation industry and innovation of requirements for air traffic services and airspace control over the Arctic region and ocean areas. Currently, the increased requirements to bit error rate and data transmission rate can be considered in the following areas:

– design of adaptive filtering algorithms;

– design of adaptive correction methods and principles;

– design of the new signal structures.

Recently, the author is working on all these areas. The article presents the following methods developed by the author:

– application of guard intervals;

– method of adaptive correction with guard intervals compensation;

– new algorithm of adaptive correction with decision feedback;

– methods of adaptive correction with quasi-coherent, weight quasi-coherent and in-phase quasi-coherent summation of test signals;

– method of non-test adaptive correction;

– algorithm of non-test adaptive correction with decision feedback.

The results of bit error rate numerical modeling obtained according to the methods considered in this article and algorithms of the adaptive signal correction are shown.

The presented methods can be used both in newly designed and in existing aviation HF data modems. These methods allow reduce a bit error rate and the probability of the information packet loss, as well as increase the data rate (up to 30%) in definite cases.

Some of the methods considered were implemented in a serial modem layout and tested on a real HF channel. All methods developed by the author were patented in Russian Federation.


data-link “Ground-to-Board”, adaptation, signal correction, non-test adaptive correction, data transmission, decision feedback, bit error rate


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