Flat sample stretching in conditions of flat-stressed state at various displacement velocities fields

DOI: 10.34759/trd-2020-111-1


Grigorieva F. L.*, Khromov A. I.**, Grigorieva Y. Y.***

Komsomolsk-na-Amure State University, 27, Lenina str., Komsomolsk-on-Amur, 681013, Russia

*e-mail: Grigoreva.al@email.knastu.ru
**e-mail: khromovai@list.ru
***e-mail: fct@knastu.ru


The presented article considers an algorithm for a strip deformation in conditions of a plane stress state, which is represented in the form of the stage-by-stage transition from continuous to discontinuous deformations speeds field. This problem solution is described by mathematical model of a rigid-plastic strip, made from various structural materials. Pre-eminent deformation speeds field is being determined depending on the billet material, which allows determine the process of the material origin and destruction as early as possible. The result of this work is deformation speeds field, as well as optimal E1 value determining, allowing characterize preferable flow selection depending of the material, from which the sample was fabricated.

The article also offers computation of force values, occurring while a flat sample deformation at various stresses values. A possibility of pre-eminent deformation scheme selecting is originating whereby depending on the material, which is used for the sample producing. The plate geometry changing is considered as one of the deformation parameters. Depending on the proposed approach to the deformation state, a stage is selected, at which a flat sample either obtains a neck shape, or is being deformed without it up to the material rupture. To the author’s opinion that this method can be implemented in various fields of aircraft building, machine building, material science etc. Employing the presented approach it is possible to study and obtain deformations of various structures while deforming during operation process, consider critical deformation zones and timely eliminate micro cracks and subsequent material destruction. This approach can be widely applied while examining aircraft skin, engines blades, wheel pairs of the train set etc. The data of the studies can prevent not only damage of various apparatuses, but also catastrophes associated with metal fatigue and destruction of the elements and entire structures. It is micro cracks evolution detection that will lead to optimization and their life span enhancing while of various apparatuses operation.


displacement velocities field, strain tensor, finite increments, Almansi strain tensor


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