Patch antenna array for unmanned aerial vehicle

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems


Zheksenov M. A.*, Pechurin V. A.**, Volchenkov A. S.



A compact 8 elements circularly polarized patch antennaarray (AA) for reception reflected from the Earth’s surface signal of GLONASS and GPS systems on the L1 frequency band was designed. The AA consists ofradiators placed along two lines with four elements in each line. The radiators centers are situated in a triangular grid. A beam former (BF) of the AA consists of an eight-channel Wilkinsoninphase power divider, eightquadrature hybrids and coaxial cables connecting their ports. At the input of theBF a low- noise amplifier and a bandpass filter are mounted. Measurements have shown the following values of basic AA parameters: gain 14.7dBi, side lobe level is less than -12 dBi.


antennaarray, patch, beam former, circular polarization, power dividers/combiners.

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