Electric Propulsion Testing: European Space Agency Propulsion Laboratory Experience


Di Cara D. *, Bulit A. **, Del Amo J. G. ***

*e-mail: davina.maria.di.cara@esa.int
**e-mail: alexandra.bulit@esa.int
***e-mail: jose.gonzalez.del.amo@esa.int


The ESA Propulsion Laboratory (EPL) is located at ESTEC, the European Space Research and Technology Centre of the European Space Agency. ESTEC, sited in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, is the largest ESA establishment, a test centre and hub for European space activities. It has responsibility for the technical preparation and management of ESA space projects and provides technical support to ESA’s satellite, space exploration and human space activities.
EPL provides test services to the ESA Propulsion and Aerothermodynamics Division of ESTEC, which is responsible for R&D activities and support to ESA projects in the areas of chemical propulsion, electric and advanced propulsion and aerothermodynamics.
This paper will describe the EPL organization, facilities and activities.

Ключевые слова:

spacecraft propulsion; electric propulsion testing; cold gas testing

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