Review of works on Electric propulsion at Keldysh Research Center


Vasin A. I.*, Koroteev A. S.**, Lovtsov A. S.***, Muravlev V. A., Shagayda A. A., Shutov V. N.****

*e-mail: 84954566329
****e-mail: 84954569693


The article describes the work on creation electric propulsion, conducted at the Keldysh Research Center. An overview of the achievements in the development of the Hall and ion thrusters, as well as studies of the basic physical processes occurring in the thrusters of this type. A brief description of the experimental framework to carry out full cycle of tests of electric propulsion systems at the stage of ground tests.  

Ключевые слова:

spacecraft; electric propulsion; ion thruster; Hall thruster

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