Elements of mathematical phenomenology: 1. Mathematical and qualitative analogies

Теоретическая механика


Hedrih (Stevanović) K. R.

Mathematical Institute Serbian Academy of Sciences and Sts (MI SANU), and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Niš Serbia, 36/000ul. Knyazya Mikhaila, 11000, Belgrade, Serbia

e-mail: khedrih@sbb.rs,khedrih@eunet.rs


Paper starts with short description of Element of Mathematical Phenomenology and Phenomenological Mappings published in Petrović’s theory. The biographical data of Mihailo Petrović (1868-1943) is presented. Petrović was a important Serbian mathematician, one of three Poincare’s doctoral students. Some of basic elements of mathematical phenomenology in mechanics are elements of non-linear-functional transformations of coordinates from one to other functional curvilinear coordinate system. Some of these elements, as it is basic vectors of tangent space of kinetic point vector position and their changes (velocity of their magnitude extensions and component angular velocities of rotations), are presented in different functional coordinate systems. Mihailo Petrović’s theory contains two types of analogies: mathematical and qualitative, and in this paper third type — structural analogy is described. Taking into account large possibility for applications of all three types of analogies, numerous original examples are presented using, between other, fractional system dynamics with one degree of freedom, finite number of degrees of freedom as well as multi-body discrete continuum hybrid fractional order system dynamics. Mathematical analogies between vector models in local area of stress state, strain stare of the point in stressed and deformed deformable body as well as with vector model of the mass inertia moment state at point of rigid body, used mass inertia moment vectors coupled for pole and axis, are presented, also.

A number of theorems of energy fractional order dissipation presented in corresponding Tables, also. It is shown that applications of qualitative, structural and mathematical analogies in analysis of fractional order modes appear in analogous mechanical, electrical and biological fractional order chains, and that is very power, suitable and useful tools to reduce research models to corresponding minimal numbers, and, in same time, develop power of analysis use mathematical and qualitative analogies.

Ключевые слова:

Mihailo Petrović (1868-1943), mathematical phenomenology, fractional order system, generalized functions of fractional order dissipation of system energy, fractional order modes, theorem mass moment vectors, vector model, stress; strain

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