2011. № 49

Aerospace propulsion engineering

Zuyev Y. V.

The estimation of size of members of the two-phase turbulent jet equations describing radiation of phases is spent. It is shown that at reference temperature of phases smaller 2500К it is necessary to consider only change of the particles energy, equal to a difference between a stream of particles radiation and a stream of the gas radiation absorbed by particles. The simple formula which can be used for an estimation of radiation influence on jet parameters is received. The system of the equations describing a two-phase turbulent jet, taking into account radiation is written down.

Keywords: two-phase jet; radiation; mathematical model.

Control systems

Mel'nikov V. E.

Summary: Issues of open circuit pendulum accelerometer accuracy improving by application of unified frequency transducers of pendulum displacement in the field of inertial forces are considered. It was shown that pendulum accelerometers with frequency output have a prospect for their implementation in the middle range accuracy measurements .

Keywords: pendulumaccelerometers, frequency transducers, frequency output, accuracy measurements

Mel'nikov V. E., Melnikov V. Y.

Possibility of improving accuracy of force-balance accelerometers by integrating element introduction into the direct circuit loop either integrating amplifier or by imparting integrating property to the pendulum, the first element of the circuit is considered.

Keywords: force balance pendulum accelerometer, integrating loop, astaticism

Mel'nikov V. E.

In the given paper capability of improving accuracy of force balance pendulum accelerometers by choosing rational factors of direct circuit elements is considered.

Keywords: loop factor, block diagram.

Rybnikov S. I., Kurmakov D. V., Gorbachev Y. V.

Solve problem of simultaneous control of engine thrust and elevator at take-off mode. Variability of the balanced angle of attack has shown on this mode.

Keywords: safety of flight, optimal control, aircrafts, thrust control, estimated aerodynamic

Pegachkova E. A.

We consider determined discrete systems of automate type (ATS) modeling operating of a dynamic automate with memory. Sufficient conditions of ATS optimality at instantaneous switches of the automate part have been obtained. Methods of approximate synthesis of optimal position control has been carried out. Methods of suboptiomal synthesis of ATS have been applied for the task with square criteria of quality, software tool for the approximate solution of the problem created. The equations for finding suboptimal regulators of ATS with taking under consideration instantaneous repeated switches of the automate part have been obtained. Analytical and approximate solutions of the example of synthesis of optimal controller for linear ATS with square criteria of quality were given.

Keywords: optimal control; systems of automate type; square criteria of quality; sufficient optimality conditions

Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities

Korshunov A. V.

The article focuses on the category of efficiency and its correlation with the categories of quality and effect. The existing system of the efficiency indices of target-oriented systems is subjected to analysis. For efficiency evaluation it is suggested that indices based on the comparison of required and obtained effects, those allowing to evaluate not only the degree of ‘fulfillment’ but also that of ‘overfulfillment’ of the tasks facing the system should be taken into consideration.

Keywords: efficiency, quality, effect, efficiency evaluation, efficiency indices, target-oriented systems

Boytsov B. V., Artamonov I. M., Deniskin Y. I.

Article considers the most important factors that define success of modernization projects for information and telecommunication systems. The process of modernization was analyzed both for system as a whole and for different phases of the process. Criterions for goals and quality metrics of modernization were defines and set. Phased model of modernization was developed and described. The model can be used as an effective tool to plan cost and resources needed for modernization and to make reasonable decisions regarding the modernization itself.

Keywords: quality metrics, information systems, telecommunication systems, modernization, analysis and planning

Sharonov A. V., Maximov N. А., Sincha D. P.

Considerable interest in unmanned aerial vehicles have recently increased the need for an effective system of pattern recognition [1]. Unlike other systems, pattern recognition (biometric identification systems, facial recognition systems, systems of identification documents, etc.), direct object, subject to classification (recognition) in this case, is the image itself, which, of course, can be distorted by various factors. At the heart of any system of pattern recognition are mainly two algorithms: an algorithm for forming a handle (index) of the image (i.e, an organized set of attributes of the image) and an algorithm for estimating the degree of similarity between two images in their descriptors. Quite promising variant of these algorithms is presented in this article.

Keywords: pattern recognition, image features, the degree of similarity, search in image databases, image distortion, image classification

Levin V. K.

In work concepts of construction and factors of development of high-efficiency computing systems are characterized, the look-ahead data is cited.

Keywords: productivity; Supercomputer; In large quantities-parallelklassters; Hybrid computing modules; multithreading

Markov A. S.

In work the general theoretical substantiations of expediency of use in system programming of the new approach to the optimum organization of iterative computing processes in non-uniform computing systems at the expense of rational dynamic selection of accuracy of calculations are stated. In an approach substantiation some mathematical dependences allowing quantitatively to estimate possibility of acceleration of the decision of problems without loss of accuracy of result with preservation of properties of stability and convergence of a computing method are offered. For a special case of a method of Newton the received formulas are suitable for practical application.

Keywords: system programming; iterative computing process; non-uniform computing systems; accuracy of calculations.

Korshunov A. V.

The article deals with the phenomenon of damage as a result of the retaliatory effect of the environment on the morphology, functional and information qualities of a target-oriented system. Morphological (qualitative), functional and information types of damage are discussed. Their hierarchy is demonstrated. Their evaluation indices and methods of transforming these indices into scalars are considered. A method of mediated transformation of indices into scalars for three types of damage is suggested.

Keywords: hierarchy, system descriptions, target-oriented systems, faults, damage, transformation into scalars

Zakovryashin A. I.

Article describes the problems of intellectual system of the technical diagnostics, it shows discrete and continuous to the model of the states, prognostication of quantitative estimations, recommendations on application

Keywords: integrated logic support, technical diagnostics, models of the states, quantitative estimations, individual prognostication, intellectual system

Zakovryashin A. I.

Article describes the problems CALS technology complex high–tech products, it shows role single information space and features of introduction of technology on enterprises.

Keywords: CALS, single information space, introduction of technology on enterprises.

Melnikov V. P., Nazarov A. V.

In article the scientifically–proved approach to quality at stages of lifecycle of a product which will allow to raise level of demand of production is considered, to lower negative influences on the nature and the person

Keywords: automation, designing, life cycle of product, test, operation, recycling, GALS – technologies

Boytsov B. V., Artamonov I. M., Deniskin Y. I.

The article is focused on major problems of quality metrics defining and aligning in time of modernization phase of corporate information systems (CIS). Differences between stable and transition phases of CIS from metrics’ point of view are selected and given. Method of alignment analysis for sets of metrics at different CIS levels and method of metrics coordination between transitional and stable phases of CIS operation are proposed. The methods allow to develop set of metrics that take into consideration potential problems of modernization, organizational structure of company and modernization goals.

Keywords: guality metrics, information systems, modernization, analysis and planning

Sokolov V. P., Zavalishin I. V., Milyukov I. A.

The article contains a substantiation of using modern information technologies and the mathematical modeling to solve tasks for all stages of the high technology product life cycle: projecting, producing and exploitation which considerably improve the stages: constructing, scientific explorations, optimization adaptability of a product, technical preparation and production. The article describes the urgency to classify objects, processes and instrumental systems, which are used for products’ information support. The article also describes the urgency to create the specific normative base for complete and interrelated approach to the object-oriented projecting with products’ information support considering all requirements to it. The article describes the strategy of creating the system of automation of parallel designing based on the use of imitation modeling methods and object-oriented instrumental systems.

Keywords: technological manufacture preparation, product life cycle automation, information products’ support.

Navigation systems

Afonin A. A., Repnikov A. V., Tiuvin A. V.

The construction ability of a minimal ground-based strapdown geodesic complex composition for operative mobile objects launcher preparation is discussed. A main purpose of the article is the accuracy analyze problem for the complex of precision accelerometers and global navigation satellite system consist. The usage of functional redundant conical structure block of accelerometers for accuracy increase is suggested.

Keywords: strapdown geodesic complex; launcher; vector gravimetric measurements; acceleration of gravity; gravitational anomaly; accelerometers block; global navigation satellite system; functional redundant

Afonin A. A., Repnikov A. V., Sulakov A. S., Yamashev G. G.

The article includes structure, main algorithms and characteristics of a perspective mobile small-sized strapdown gravi-inertial navigation complex for aero and navy applications. The simulation and scaled-down results are presented. Metrological performance of complex correspondence with needs of up-to-date aero and navy gravimetry is shown.

Keywords: strapdown gravi-inertial navigation complex; vector gravimetric measurements; acceleration of gravity; satellite navigation system; strapdown navigation system; anomaly assessment

Electrotechnology. Electromechanics

Kozlov V. V., Popov B. N.

The paper describes the new static characteristic of brushless DC motor digital correctionmethod, which excludes trigonometric transformation in the real-time scale and provides rotor velocity stability as in case of vector control. Also this paper describesanalytic expressions of correction angle for different brushless DC motor modes.

Keywords: digital correction, microcontroller, vector control, static characteristics, brushless direct current motor

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems

Khmara S. A., Nazarov A. V.

A method is proposed to minimize a Control Hardware of the Digital Computing Device (DCD), performed at the basic matrix crystal (BMC). Minimization is achieved by a formal modification to the DCD operation. The method allows to reduce the number of logic elements in the device before an Applying of traditional methods of minimization of Boolean functions, that is to provide а reducing the area occupied by on-BMC device at the stage of its logic synthesis.

Keywords: digital computing Device, Control Device, basic matrix crystal, rigid logic, mode of operation, logic synthesis.

Repneva A. I., Ushkar M. N.

The work shows the main difficulties encountered in the system design stage devices of digital signal processing (UTSOS). Identified the need to improve the quality of design, which can be achieved by selecting the mathematical apparatus. During the stated requirements for the mathematical apparatus and showed that most fully meet the demands presented to the functioning of UTSOS hierarchical networks and their extension - strictly hierarchical Petri nets. This paper proposed a method for modeling flow chart of the "elementary nets," Petri. On the example of the algorithm spectral analysis shows that the proposed method provides an adequate transition to Petri nets.

Keywords: mathematical apparatus, digital signal processing device, a block - diagram of the algorithm is strictly hierarchical Petri nets, spectral analysis, the positions and transitions, decomposition, the dynamics of the device.

Ushkar M. N.

The article discusses the possibility of using computer CAD module for solving the problems of calculation of thermal conditions on-board radar. It is established that the calculation of the thermal regime of devices with forced air cooling requires a large amount of system resources. The estimation of computing time and the resultant errors in different ways jobs model radar. Ways to reduce computer time and system resources when calculating the thermal conditions of radar, air cooled.

Keywords: the equivalent replacement; finite element. method, grid, heat treatment, air cooling; partition; experiment; efficiency; area; module.

Latyshev V. V.

Abstract—The subspace-based technique is used for Doppler shift estimations of a signal of the known waveform. The tool to find required subspaces is the special orthogonal decomposition of received data. It allows concentrate Fisher information about desired parameter in a small number of the first terms of the decomposition. This approach gives the low-dimensional vector of sufficient statistics. It leads to computationally efficient Bayes estimation.

Keywords: fisher’s information; Doppler shift estimation; Cramer-Rao bound; dimension reduction.

Vorob’ev A. L., Juric Y. P., Krasnov A. M., Shashkov S. N.

The task considered is the task of analyzing the object capturing in information-operating system, where is going the transfer from object search mode to object tracing mode, that is the object capture. It is suggested the method of problem-solving procedure, the basic meaning of which consists of reduction the task of capture analyzing to a classical problem of management failure. At the same time the approached solving methods can be effectively used, which in particular based on approximation of probability density of not absorbed realizations by different truncated distribution laws.


Nazarov A. V.

The paper presents the results of computer simulation of percolation processes in homogeneous structures. During the simulation the percolation threshold is automatically determined by Hoshena and Kopelman method of marking multiple clusters. With the help of the algorithm experimentally determined: percolation threshold for a square lattice, dependence of time simulation on field sizes for the different steps of the cells increases the likelihood of the simulated structure, dependence of the percolation threshold on the size of the field and dependence of the simulation time on step increase in concentration.

Keywords: percolation, labeling clusters, flow environment, the percolation threshold, homogeneous structure, connecting the cluster, indexing clusters, discrete operating field

Martirosov V. E., Melehin S. V.

In the article the information technologies for resources saving (electric and thermal ener-gy, water supply) are represented. Information system ISERS is intended for detailed monitoring the consumption of energy resources on large-scale enterprise. In this system the original technologies of data transmission over the networks of power supply 220/380V (PLC technologies) are used. The equipment of system is executed on digital signal processors (DSP) and the microcomputers.

Keywords: equipment for data transmission, standard power supply networks, energy saving, pro-grammed element base.

Nastasin K. S., Rodionov V. V.

Designing combined cellular/wireless broadband access network puts the task to provide required QoS and maximum network resource utilization. The problem is solved using new routing algorithms, created in compliance to combined network features.

Keywords: combined network; mesh-network; routing algorithms; network throughput.

Material authority

Boytsov B. V., Vasilev S. L., Gromachev A. G., Jurgenson S. A.

This article discusses the methods of nondestructive testing used for the construction of the RMB. The most detailed X-ray and ultrasound treated control methods.

Keywords: acoustic method, non-destructive inspection methods, tomography, x-ray method of control, flaw detection

Formalev V. F., Kuznetsova E. L.

A new method and software for numerical solution of inverse coefficient problems of nonlinear heat and mass transfer in anisotropic heat-protective materials for flying vehicles subjected to aero- and gas dynamics heating. The nonlinear components of heat conductivity tensor are main high-temperature properties of anisotropic heat-protective materials. These components must be reconstructed using the temperature measurements in the nodes of the space-time net. The proposed method is based on the new absolutely stable method of variable directions with extrapolation of numerical solution for heat transfer problems and parametric identification. Some results of heat conductivity tensor’s recovery have been obtained for carbon-carbonic composite material and based on nonlinear heat conductivity experimental investigation.

Keywords: numerical solution; inverse problem; heat transfer; anisotropic materials; heat conductivity tensor; composite material; software

Economics and management

Tariverdiev A. S.

The review of special (particular) economic zones at the present stage. The basic problems in the field of creation and functioning of special (particular) economic zones are formulated and ways of their decision are offered. Directions of increase of efficiency of functioning of special (particular) economic zones and their further prospects in the Russian Federation are described.

Keywords: special (particular) economic zones; economics; cluster zones; frontier international zones.

Troshin A. N., Chemerisova A. V., Chizhik A. S.

This article is set and formalize the task of identification of the criterion of sustainable development of the industrial enterprise, who is consist in optimization of business cost for an owners (stockholders) with accountability of limiting system and specified factors of internal and external enterprise environments. Either main factors of business cost growing was considered.

Keywords: development; sustainable development; business cost; net profit; economic value added; market value; value based management.


Lapenkov V. I., Panagushin V. P.

A method showing dependence of payroll on execution aeronautical products production plan, as well as method for analyzing payroll fund deviations. Examples of the application of these methods. Article is interest to payroll fund accountants, staff motivation specialists, production cost, planning, management and analysis accountants, in aviation manufacturing, research and development enterprises.

Keywords: stimulatiom, motivation, payroll, residual income, assortment, production

Troshin A. N., Burdina A. A.

This article states and solves an optimization task for planning of sustainable development of a regional corporate structure (RCS), considering a reliability factor, wherein a criterion for optimization is an index of RCS value for shareholders (owners). This article also describes the procedure for strategic planning of RCS sustainable development and specifies the principles on which RCS strategic planning is based.

Keywords: regional corporate structure; sustainable development; value; optimization task; planning.

Lapenkov V. I.

Considered are the peculiarities of application in the system of economic motivation of the in-dicators, the magnitude of which depends on structural factors. The article describes the method, which allows to avoid errors due to the structural factor.

Keywords: economic indicator, structural factor, motivation.

Ageyeva N. G., Rebiy E. J.

In article the condition and prospects of development of models of systems of an innovation is considered. The urgency of development of organizational communications is shown, the basic sources of an innovation are revealed and the system of tools of development is offered. With reference to an aviation-industrial complex organizational directions of perfection of innovative strategy of the enterprise are offered.

Keywords: an aviation-industrial complex, models of an innovation, development strategy, organizational communications, innovation tools.

Dmitriev O. N.

Problem questions of the feasibility report on administrative decisions concerning economic object of management in conditions of plurality of subjects of management and according to plurality of their interests, carried out by means of transition to the arbitration subject of management and according to arbitration optimization of the specified decisions are allocated.

Keywords: экономика; управление; технико-экономическое обоснование; оптимизация управленческих решений; третейская оптимизация.

This article describes an approach of reducing the cost of prototypes by minimizing labour-intensivness of prototypes finish by means of optimization of build parameters of RP-process

Keywords: prototype; rapid prototyping; stereolithography

Zakovryashin A. I., Agaletskiy P. S.

Article describes the problems of integrated logistic support, it shows traditional and modern methods of organizing the maintenance and repair of complex high-tech products.

Keywords: integrated logistic support, technical diagnostics

Dmitriev O. N.

The typological variety of methods of imitating modelling of complex objects is introduced. Theirconceptualschemesarepresented.

Keywords: substantiation of administrative decisions, mathematical modelling, simulation modelling, methods of simulation modelling.

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