2012. № 51

Mathematics. Physics. Mechanics

Bolosov D. A.

In work the approach to calculation of stationary aerodynamic characteristics of a thin wing with the account of its elastic deformations on supersonic speed of flight is considered. Statement of a problem with the generalized algorithm of its decision is given. Calculation models are considered: flow field about a wing (a space-marching method with MacCormack´s technique in the assumption of a inviscid continuous flow), the is intense-deformed condition of a wing. The choice of models is proved.

Results of work are aerodynamic characteristics of a typical wing of the high-speed aircraft with the account of its elasticity in comparison with corresponding aerodynamic characteristics of not elastic wing.

Keywords: aerodynamics, aeroelasticity

Panovskiy V. N.

Object of research in the given work are the developed methods of search of a global extremum of the functions, based on the theory of the interval analysis: method of a dichotomy of a direct image, method imaginary values cutoff and method of colonies.The objectives of the given work were detecting of possibility of effective application of the interval analysis as a base component of methods of global optimization, the formulation and the decision of the problems interfering its effective application, working out of algorithms, scheduling of improvement of the developed algorithms.The result of the given work is formation algorithmic and program software of all three methods which efficiency is shown on an example of search of a global extremum of the several typical functions with isolines of different difficulty level.

Keywords: globalextremum; intervalanalysis; wrappingeffect; inclusionfunction; optimization

Aviation technics and technology

Zolotarev A. A., Kuleshov S. V.

The aim of this work was to create an intellectual system "crew-aircraft", which allows real-time to perform the following tasks: monitoring the functional state of the crew in flight and ground training in the process, personalization continuous monitoring psycho-physiological state of the crew; assessment of the capacity to reduce pilot (crew) and implementation of the automatic switch to an automatic "drone" aircraft control mode; constant flight and vnepoletnuyu logging of the functional state of the crew and synchronize the time with e-digital magazines of the crew and aircraft, automatic digital sensor data logging, wireless-based, assessment of psycho-physiological abilities of members of the crew.

Keywords: on-board computer, an intelligent system, a digital fingerprint bracelet, aircraft, aircraft digital platform.

Bogushevskaya V. A., Zayast O. V., Maslyakov Y. N., Matsak I. S., Nikonov A. A., Saveliev V. V., Sheptunov A. A.

Leading high-tech countries aims to create a wireless remote power supply systems for spaceships and aircrafts, different devices, as well as infrastructure. For space and aircraft applications the most promising technology is the wireless transmission of electrical energy (WTEE) by laser beaming. In this paper it is considered creation features of a remote power supply system (RPSS) for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) based on a WPEE-technology by focused monochromatic infrared radiation beam. Studies have shown the promise of development and the possibility of its implementation in the near future. A demonstration experiment was planned.

Keywords: remote power supplying; wireless transmission of energy; unmanned aerial vehicle; infrared radiation.

Kolychev A. V.

Objective of this research is working out of the concept of active thermal protection (ATP) configuration items of hypersonic flight vehicle (HFV) on a new physical principle at their aerodynamic heating. In activity the concept which basic feature is the system of thermal protection on the basis of the phenomenon of thermoemission cooling with simultaneous direct transformation of thermal energy of aerodynamic heating to electrical energy is offered. Application offered ATP leads to technical effect which consists that the temperature of heated up unit HFV is essentially reduced, in comparison with a case of its absence and as on board HFV electrical energy which it is possible to direct on maintenance of activity of various onboard special systems is generated.

Keywords: thermionic issue; electronic cooling; electrical energy; a hypersonic flight vehicle; thermal protection

Makeich G. S., Tukaev M. U., Chibisov Y. N.

The research is conducted at the development of a first stage of superlight carry aerospace transportation system - hypersonic unmanned launch aircraft with combined shielded turbo-ramjet propulsion system. Principal research result is a scientific and technical basis of a making possible hypersonic unmanned launch aircraft (March number M = 4.3). This aircraft is a prototype to demonstrate technology of a combined turbo-ramjet propulsion system for a mid carry and heavy carry aerospace transportation system launch aircraft.

Keywords: hypersonic launch aircraft, combined propulsion system, ramlet, shielded inlet

Gusev D. I.

A formation flight mode development is one of the possible solutions for formation flight automation problem. This paper is focused on the formation flight mode objects and its structure definition, development process decomposition to several phases and flight trials methodology questions. It also covers human-machine interface and control algorithms design and simulation for formation flight mode. The formation flight mode development results presented in this paper are the foundation for further mode phases development.

Keywords: Formation flight mode, automatic control, flight trials, methodology, human-machine interface.

Bolshunov K. Y., Babulin A. A.

For assurance of necessary safety and efficiency level of planes flights in an icing conditions it is necessary on an early design stage to define influence on aerodynamic characteristics of the ice which formed on a plane glider. The purpose of the given work – definition of influence of an ice simulators which mounted on a wing leading edge on aerodynamic characteristics of plane MC 21 200. As well the modeling methodology of a flow around the plane in the icing conditions was developed. In the course of work are received integral aerodynamic characteristics and stream parameters on a surface and in space around the model. As well was made comparative calculation of aerodynamic characteristics of plane MS-21-200 for configuration a wing-fuselage with the ice on a wing leading edge and without it. Also is carried out the comparative analysis of results of calculations with results of tests of full model of plane MS-21-200 in WT Т-128 TsAGI. Modeling was made at various Reynolds numbers. Simulations was made with use ANSYS FLUENT software. Results of this work have been used for a choice of an anti-icing system configuration for aircraft MS-21-200.

Keywords: ice; anti-icing system; shape; calculating; ice simulators; reynolds number.

Yarygina M. V.

This paper describes some variants of the folding wing structural design. Several types of junctions that are used in the aircraft design are analyzed. A review of wings weight formulas is shown. There is a description of the weight model of the folding wing and the results of its testing on the Su-33 and MiG-29K aircrafts.

Keywords: junction; wing; folding joint; mass.

Shilova M. S.

It is engineered and applied the methodology estimate fighter’s dynamics data with a glance hinge moment’s action, created mathematical base and model «fighter – control system – hinge moment», defined flight zone.

Keywords: estimation; hinge moment’s control surfaces; actuator; control system.

Space technics and technology

Nadia Del Corto Baradel .. .., Dugin D. A.

The purpose of the paper is to develop a concept of a microsatellite for the following collection of information about the solar radiation and the solar wind at a 652 km height geostationary orbit and its further transmission to Earth, to the center of processing, study and predictions of solar activity, as well as for analyzing the efficiency of the solar sail as a spacecraft stabilization system.

Keywords: microsatellite, solar sail, solar activity.

Dorofeev R. Y.

In the given publication the description of features of construction of the monitoring system electrization surfaces satellite of the companion for the purpose of reliability increase in interests of increase of operational life satellite.In the given publication the description of features of construction of the monitoring system electrization companion surfaces in interests of increase of their reliability in orbital conditions is resulted. Project basic purpose on monitoring system creation electrization companion surfaces is possibility of its application by working out of a complex of concrete actions, ways and the methods directed on increase of reliability onboard equipment by maintenance of its security from influence of negative factors in orbital service conditions. Besides, realization of the given project will allow to develop and introduce modern technologies of creation of microelectronic devices for companions. Scopes of the offered monitoring system электризации are the enterprises and structures of space branch of the Russian Federation, creating and using satellite devices, including companions with equipment and the equipment, made by the enterprises which carry out now technical to the policy, directed on increase of a resource and reliability used by companions.

Keywords: electrization of a surface of the spacecraft, оnboard radio-electronic equipment, geometrical model, structural electrophysical model, sensors equipment.

Ilyina I. Y.

This article describes a topical issue of defining space activity efficiency indicators taking into account expenses, space equipment creation time, its innovativeness and use efficiency. The proposed indicators will allow monitoring efficiency of national space systems and compliance of their data to users’ requirements during the design and operation phases and obtaining information on the competitive ability of information products of national space systems in the international market of Earth remote sensing data. This article represents space activity efficiency indicators related to meteorological satellites.

Keywords: indicators; satellite; meteorological space systems; Earth remote sensing.

Malova N. V.

The paper addresses the timeliness of solving the sea object observation objective and creating a unified information center. A description of the method for creating the software and data complex of a space system is shown. Object database structure for information storage is described and proposed, and the principles of solving the observation objective using spacecraft means are represented. The results of development with the use of the technology proposed are described.

Keywords: Software and data complex; information technology for design; database; database management system; information management system; framework.

Monakhov D. O.

This paper proposes an integrated method for providing the thermal tests of spaceborne equipment. The method allows revealing of additional valid failure modes and provides more complete test results` analyses, than the point estimate. In order to implement the method the special instrument is created – the “Resource” installation. The effectiveness of the installation is confirmed by conduction of tests of three specimens of IKFS-2 instruments of a total duration over 8 thousand hours. The installation represents the conditions of sealed housing of Meteor-M spacecraft, including the heat transfer intensity, which provides the full modeling of real-life operating conditions.

Keywords: IKFS-2; Meteor-M; parametric reliability; spaceborne fourier-transform spectrometer; ground tests; thermal tests.

Sutyrin A. A.

When you create the various elements of SRT (fuel tanks, rocket engine, etc.) which contact with the components of the cryogenic fuel surface density of the oil pollution generated after machining of these elements, should not exceed 100 mg/m2. Existing methods of measuring the density of oil pollution is to sampling with controlled surface and subsequent analysis on a fluorometer in the laboratory. The disadvantage of this methods are high on the length of time, difficulty and the use of consumable materials. Studies have shown the ability to create methods and equipment free of these shortcomings.

Keywords: cryogenic rocket fuel, oil pollution, fluorescence, Space Rocket technology, purity control.

Aerospace propulsion engineering

Popov N. A., Travnikov R. I.

This paper describes the method of optical diagnostic rocket engine plume during the fire launch on ground testing. The equipment of optical diagnostic has an optic fiber for translating emission light and consists from two independent channels for registration spectra in different optics regions. The example of spectra rocket engine plume and lines of construction elements is describing on normal regime and when defect appears.

Keywords: optical diagnostics; ground testing; system of emergency defense.

Ionov A. V., Katenin D. A., Fedoseev S. Y., Popov V. A.

It is hard to achieve the low costs of the details of small series of their release at the high quality requirements while designing and manufacturing the details of the difficult geometrical form, such as impellers of turbo-machines. In this paper the ways of designing and manufacturing of impellers which allow cut down expenses on their producing in the conditions of a small batch production are stated.

Keywords: turbo-machines, impellers, the MAI resource center, nonsteady turbulent flow, stereolithography, investment casting, electronic archive.

Navigation systems

Korovin A. V., Ustyuzhanin D. A.

A structural scheme of procedure for a priory assessment of location precision with the aid of satellite astro-inertial system as well as a model and relations for estimating observability of navigational-aid satellites are presented. Examples of observability determination are suggested.

Keywords: satellite astro-inertial system; precision assessment; observability.

Kruzhkov D. M.

It is considered the problem of the integrated navigation system development, based on utilization both optic-electronic sensors and multichannel GLONASS/GPS receiver. The system developing is designated for satellites, operating on geostationary and high-elliptical orbits.

Keywords: navigation; integrated system; astrosensor, gnss navigation system; Kalman filter; GLONASS; star tracker; geostationary orbit.

Pikalov S. A.

Inertial-satellite tracking system (ISTS) has recently found wide application in high-precision weapons systems. However, the use of products whose ISTS is used as a final guidance system, perhaps only at fixed ground targets with known coordinates to start. Measurement of the coordinates of the detected target-operatively with the help of on-board data-measuring systems with the required accuracy for the application of such products at this time. The implementation of on-board air combat systems perspective ranging method precision positioning of ground targets with their sighting and navigation system will expand the range of the targeted objectives of this type of aircraft weapons. This article describes the results of the study, obtained by the mathematical model.

Keywords: on-board radar; receiver of satellite navigation; ranging way; inertial-satellite guidance system.

Zimin A. S., Krinitskiy G. V.

Object of this present work is the application of multi-antenna systems to improve the noise immunity of satellite navigation systems for mobile objects. The aim of research is to develop noise-navigation system with multi-element antenna system for determining the angular position of a moving object in space. The paper discusses methods of construction and application of adaptive antenna systems for solving problems of interference suppression, as unintentional as well as custom designed.

Keywords: global satellite navigation systems, determining the angular position of a moving object, dynamic range, noise, receiver, antenna pattern, adaptive antenna, frequency band, digital control, adaptive filtering.

Bekishev R. A.

Broadband quadrifilar helical antenna radiator modeling is performed where the radiator is designed for operations with the Global Navigation Satellite Systems while providing equal reception of the signals from carrier frequencies of the Systems common and dedicated channels.

Keywords: quadrifilar helical antenna; hemisphere-mounted antenna; Global Navigation Satellite System antenna.

Instrument making

In this article is offered constructive-technological decision of the differential fiber-optical converter of angular movings, which is base element of fiber-optical sensors of acceleration, force, pressure and other physical sizes. Differential fiber-optical converters transforming change of an angle of slope of reflecting surfaces of a modulating element in change of intensity of a network stream.

Keywords: fiber-optical converter, angular moving, measuring installation, differential transformation, reflecting surface, network stream.

Electrotechnology. Electromechanics

Poklad P. M.

Description of the structure and the operation concept of microprocessor based electric drive system powered by digital pulse phase loop designed and suitable for visual axis control of optical telescope is given. Description of the product life cycle software is presented.

Keywords: precision electric drive, telescope, microcontroller, automatic control, fuzzy-controller, pulse phase system, discriminator.

Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities

Efimov E. N., Shevgunov T. Y.

This paper relates to the feedforward artificial neural networks learned with error backpropagation supervised methods. Authors consider the generalized system approach to describe the main concept of structure diagram of interactive adaptive elements which are implementing the transfer functions of bidirectional – forward and backward – signal propagation. The prototype of the software, including the class library of the basic adaptive elements and their interconnections, was developed using Python (object oriented programming language) for SageMath (mathematical package with GPL-compatible license). As the demonstrative examples, two following problems were solved: the approximation of radar response and the classification of two random processes.

Keywords: artificial neural network; backpropogation; adaptive element; signals and systems; model simulation; gradient descent; SageMath; Python.

Anisin D. A., Morozov I. V.

The paper shows the basic methods, means and examples of design automation and manufacturing of parts, components and assemblies of structure of the spacecraft. Solved the problem of creating integrated systems of design automation including: design of structure, design of technological process, manufacturing equipment. Provided recommendations for the parameterization of the 3D models for automation solving of technological problems. It is showed in the paper the possible field of application of the method.

Keywords: design automation; production technology; technological preproduction

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems

Fedotova E. V.

Features of application of a communication system impose increased requirements to security and a system noise stability. Therefore in a developed communication system the broadband signals that have been used applied in military a ratio-location still in days of the Second World War. The main advantage of their application that they do difficult signals similar to casual noise. Therefore such signals also have received the name of noise-type signals. Because of high cost of manufacturing of communication equipment it is actual use to imitating models at a design and synthesis stages. The imitating model intended for developing and debugging of algorithms of formation and functioning of the mobile broadbanded wireless communication system, is developed and described in the article. The algorithms fulfilled on model, will be realized in new a communication system.

Keywords: simulation model; decentralized network; broadband signals; clustering network; synchronization network.

Ivanov S. L.

In work the description of functioning of adaptive algorithm of joint processing of the information onboard radio-electronic equipment and onboard station of radio engineering investigation of the plane of the front aircraft providing support of air targets with different dynamic characteristics on the basis of use for adaptation of decisions on type of the purposes from station of radio engineering investigation is resulted.

Keywords: onboard radio-electronic equipment; onboard station of radio engineering investigation; complex processing; an adaptive filtration; recognition of the purposes

Material authority

Kustov M. A.

Creation of new technologies and ways of composites diagnostics characterizing their physical and deflected mode becomes essential since temperature-deformation effect in rocket- space equipment has shifted up both at technological and operational stages. Disposing of optic fiber sensors it becomes possible solving the urgent problems on estimation of deflected mode level in critical zones of multi-layer walls typical for plastic cocoon-like cases with embedded elements and heat shielded bottoms. Shrinkage occurrence peculiar to elastomers can be restrained by unidirectional filaments with shape memory. Primary investigation results allow to rely upon the efficient usage of intelligent materials during trial development of new rocket-space specimens.


Smirnov M. M., Malyugin A. S.

It is known that polymeric composite materials (PCM) combine all the properties of their constituent components, the formation of which can be a structural material in a given range of operational and technological parameters of the equipment. The task of creating pasty composites cold cure for friction units of machines and mechanisms for general-purpose distributed into three separate sections: 

- select the best binder for the composite material;
- creation of an antifriction multicomponent filler imparts antiskachkovye properties of composite materials; 
- creation of technology-application to the worn-out piece of equipment. As a result of complex research, conducted by the authors, have developed new composite self-lubricating materials pasty cold hardening on the basis of high-binders, characterized by small relaxation self-oscillations at low sliding speeds, as well as methods of applying these materials on the worn-out rails and other items of equipment.

Keywords: macromolecular binding, guides, epoxy resins, antifriction filler


Okorokova N. S., Pushkin K. V.

This paper presents the voltammetry data obtained during the experimental research of the electrochemical characteristics of working parts in hydronic chemical current source (CCS) with an aluminum anode. This is the first research paper that shows that the application of hybrid power plant "hydronic CCS + O2/H2 fuel cell (FC)" is effective and safe solution to the problem of hydrogen storage for free-running power plants based on O2/N2 FC.

Keywords: aluminum; anode; water; hydrogen; hydronic chemical current source; catalyst; cathode; oxygen-hydrogen fuel cells.

Economics and management

Antoshchuk A. S., Kuznetsova A. J.

The article deals with developed and introduced at JSC “ Komsomolsk-on-Amur aircraft production association ” single risk evaluation, identification and treatment system. It considers risks emerging during all subdivisions of Organization work and includes risks emerging straight during production process. Risk management process consisted in organization of risk management cycle is described in details.

Keywords: Risk management cycle; risk identification; risk evaluation; risk treatment; risk criticality; risk monitoring.

Barabasah J. A., Molchansky A. V.

The subject of research in this paper is an adaptive control system which automates document circulation in a machine assembly shop. The objective of the research is to construct an adaptive control system of business processes in a machine assembly shop (hereinafter “system”) with a possibility of monitoring and work results estimation of each business process member including workers. The paper describes main stages of system building. Selection of software is justified which was chosen for system creation. Algorithm and system testing requirements are described. Calculations are provided for economic expediency of introduction and use of this system to automate document circulation in the shop.

Keywords: control systems, open source, business process

Kozlov A. E.

The Forecasting of the production potential of the region is a direct factor, characterizing in the aggregate social-economic factors of the region in more ranked type. The givenned factor is not determined by regularity by value. This value accounting, built on equations of the plural regression and checked on adequacy with use the Fisher-criterion and Snedekor-criterion. At model, founded on made calculation is perfected by form and can more carefully and be used at forecasting.

Keywords: analysis, value, modeling, model, factors, forecasting, production potential, region, regression, facility, system, social-economic development, equation, factors production.

Dolganova A. A.

Annotation: The article discusses how to achieve economic results by creating a fundamentally new product on the market using the tools of QFD-analysis, as well as the use of the knowledge economy and competence-based approach when creating a new quality of training for companies implementing Lean Production.

Keywords: Lean production; qfd-analysis, the House of Quality, competence-based approach, benchmarking, needs, education, knowledge economy, learning organization.

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