Pivot-type actuating mechanisms for “more electric” aircraft

Aviation technics and technology


Kuz'michev R. V., Sitin D. A., Stepanov V. S.*

Experimental Design Bureau "Sukhoi", 23B, Polikarpov str., p/b 604, Moscow, 125284, Russia

*e-mail: stevilen@mail.ru


Kinematic schemes drive of “more electric” aircraft were considered, were analyzed: potentials and limitation of actuating mechanisms with pivot-type, general requirements to functional elements of actuating mechanisms with pivot-type, ways their organization and the most perspective constructions such actuating mechanisms. Schemes of redundant drives with pivot-type and schemes drive of system, which controls the objects with lack of inflexibility were describe.


pivot-type actuating mechanisms; electro-mechanical actuators; aerodynamic control surface actuators; ball-rolling wave gear; “more electric” aircraft.


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