Basis principals of the automated scheduling of the automated spacecrafts mission

Space technics and technology


Zhigastova O. K.*, Pochukayev V. N.

Central Research Institute of Machine Building, 4, Pionerskaya st., Korolev, Moscow region, 141070, Russia



In this article are issued basis principals of a method development of the automated scheduling of the automated spacecrafts mission. There are three types of plan, two of which are the initial data for drawing up of the primary type of plan - a plan that is used to control the flight of the unmanned spacecraft. There is considered the structure of the plan and its components. A procedure of drawing up of the plan that based on the cause-and-effect relationship is disclosed. The algorithm of schedule development in automated mode is formulated.


spacecraft, mission schedule, control commands, target fragments, cause-and-effect relations, relations tables

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