Ranging study of how an operational definition of coordinates of ground targets on board aircraft systems

Navigation systems


Pikalov S. A.

State Institute of Aviation Systems, 7, Victorenko str., Moscow, 125319, Russia


Inertial-satellite tracking system (ISTS) has recently found wide application in high-precision weapons systems. However, the use of products whose ISTS is used as a final guidance system, perhaps only at fixed ground targets with known coordinates to start. Measurement of the coordinates of the detected target-operatively with the help of on-board data-measuring systems with the required accuracy for the application of such products at this time. The implementation of on-board air combat systems perspective ranging method precision positioning of ground targets with their sighting and navigation system will expand the range of the targeted objectives of this type of aircraft weapons. This article describes the results of the study, obtained by the mathematical model.


on-board radar; receiver of satellite navigation; ranging way; inertial-satellite guidance system.


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