Adaptive Control System of Business Processes: a Case of a Machine Assembly Shop

Economics and management


Barabasah J. A., Molchansky A. V.

Military industrial corporation «NPO Mashinostroyenia», 33, Gagarina str., Reutov, Moscow region, 143966, Russia


The subject of research in this paper is an adaptive control system which automates document circulation in a machine assembly shop. The objective of the research is to construct an adaptive control system of business processes in a machine assembly shop (hereinafter “system”) with a possibility of monitoring and work results estimation of each business process member including workers. The paper describes main stages of system building. Selection of software is justified which was chosen for system creation. Algorithm and system testing requirements are described. Calculations are provided for economic expediency of introduction and use of this system to automate document circulation in the shop.


control systems, open source, business process

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