On the obtaining and amplifying the short pulsed radiation in the active medium of cw chemical HF laser

Space technics and technology


Avdeev A. V.

e-mail: alex021894@mail.ru


An optical scheme is proposed to be used to obtain high-power pulse periodic radiation in the space-based laser, where HF chemical laser gain generator is used to provide continuous pumping. The application of the "driving oscillator-amplifier” system is justified in this scheme, so that laser pulses with the required parameters can be obtained and further used to clear the near-Earth orbits from the space debris with the size ranging from 1 to 10 cm. It is shown the maximum length of the active medium in the output amplifier can be about 260 cm. Considering larger values here will lead the negative influence of the amplified spontaneous radiation to become more evident.


space-based laser system, cw chemical HF laser, driving oscillator, amplifier, pulse-periodic mode of laser radiation.


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