Non-stationary components of factors of normal force and the moment of a pitch of the plane, caused by horizontal plumage

Aviation technics and technology


Zakharov M. A.


The comparative analysis of non-stationary components be carried out (caused by the horizontal plumage, linearly dependent on a derivative of a corner of attack on time ), for various cases of a relative ventilation of the plane: at movement of the plane (in flight) and at movement of air concerning motionless (and also rotating) the plane (for example, in a wind tunnel on installation with an opportunity of periodic change of a direction of a stream). Corners of attack and a corner of a taper of a stream on horizontal plumage are determined valid and settlement (stationary). The current corner of a taper of a stream on horizontal plumage contains a corner of a stationary taper and a corner proportional . At definition of total non-stationary components on the specified installation, there is the methodical error caused by distinction of values ( ,), for moving and motionless planes.

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