History of space stationary plasma thruster’s and their application in Russia, USA, and Europe. New challenges for stationary plasma thruster. On the 40-th anniversary of the first stationary plasma thruster space tests


Kozubski K. N.*, Koryakin A. I.*, Murashko V. M.*

Experimental Design Bureau “Fakel”, 181, Moskovsky av, Kaliningrad, 236001, Russia

*e-mail: fakel@gazinter.net


History and application of stationary plasma thrusters (SPT) (Morozov thrusters) on board Russian and foreign spacecraft are reviewed. The review covers events beginning from the first space tests of SPT on board the Meteor spacecraft up to the current SPT application on board Russian and foreign satellites. The following new challenges for SPT in the twenty first century are considered: high specific impulse, long operational lifetime, high and low power levels.


stationary plasma thruster; spacecraft; electric propulsion unit


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