Analytical modeling of operations and a estimation of efficiency of CHS in volume of a sortie combat

Aviation technics and technology


Medynsky M. M.



In article two examples of use of the queueing theory for analytical modeling of operations and a estimation of efficiency of a combat helicopter system (CHS) in volume of a sortie combat are considered. The majority of the military operations developing on the scheme of «queueing», are casual processes which are not-Marcovian process. The method which allows to bypass this difficulty by means of transforming of a not-Marcovian process to the Markovian process and to use for research mathematical apparatus of the queueing theory is considered. The offered technique is rather universal for analytical modeling not only operations of helicopters, but also many other combat operations of aircraft which are modeling like of model of queueing.


combat helicopter system; appearing (maneuvering) target; queueing system with limited time of stay of the demand in system; marked conditions graph; Markovian stochastic process; generalized flow of Erlanga; method of "pseudo-condition"; relative capacity; absolute capacity

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