The physical aspects of using the forward skew blades for axial fan

Theoretical engineering. Mechanical engineering


Popov S. A.*, Vu M. H.**, Ryzhov Y. A.




The paper presents the results of a comparative analysis of computer simulation to determine the characteristics of advanced high-pressure fan with swept blades H-1 and fan TsAGI OV-23. The influence of the number of blades on the mass flow - dynamic pressure characteristics and the coefficient of efficiency of axial fans H-1 and OV-23 has been analyzed. Shows the advantages of the fan with blades forward-swept over the fan TsAGI, expressed in increasing the efficiency and expansion of its range of stable work with equal dimensions and angles of blade setting. Presented by the explanation physics of the phenomenon increase the stability of an axial fan with blades forward-swept towards of flow separation.


Axial Fan; Fan Blade Forward-Swept; the Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes equations; the Method SIMPLEC; the Coefficients of the Total Pressure and Productivity Efficiency and Power Factor of the Fan

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