SolidWorks Calculation of Mechanical Action on the Pressure Sensor for Aeronautical Engineering Test Equipment

Aviation technologies


Nikonov K. P.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



When testing products of aircraft and space engineering various precise sensors that provide highly accurate measurements are extremely demanded. About 60% of all measuring devices are pressure sensors. Potential measurement accuracy depends particularly on the external effecting factors. Thus, strict technical conditions on stability against external mechanical action are applied to pressure sensors that are under modernization or development. More complex calculations require new methods for pressure sensors designing. In the article a new technique which integrates ECAD and MCAD systems for designing pressure sensor with differential capacitive measuring sensor is presented.
The proposed route of pressure sensors design procedure includes: simulation modeling in MATLAB environment, development of basic wiring diagram and printed circuit boards in ECAD MentorGraphics, design, development and execution of verification calculations in MCAD SolidWorks. Designing of 3D-model of the pressure sensor is made by data exchange between ECAD and MCAD systems using IDF files and CircuitWorks module. Analysis on vibration and shock action are executed in CosmosWorks module using the finite element method.
Simulation modeling allowed to determine resonant frequencies f0i along with pressure sensor waveforms, maximum relative movement zmax of the sensor elements, as well as shock acceleration ау. In order to confirm the correctness of selected circuit and design solutions, as well as the results of metrological characteristic studies there have been carried out preliminary tests of the pressure sensor model. As a result of testing it was determined that the proposed design of the pressure sensor provided proofness against mechanical shocks and vibration, and in total, the sensor accuracy meets the requirements of the specification. Estimated error of simulation does not exceed 5 %. Time required for pressure sensor development is reduced by 20 %. Results of the work can be used for designing of any class of pressure sensors.


аircraft engineering products tests, pressure sensor design route, integration ECAD and MCAD systems, 3D-modeling, verification and design calculations in MCAD SolidWorks


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