Method of statistical processing of the random vibration process in experimental development of the aircraft

Propulsion and Power Plants


Maslov G. A.*, Lapushkin V. N.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



It is possible to use the considered method of statistical processing of the random vibration process (RVP) for the solution to the four application-oriented tasks.

1. Measurement of random vibration process on mobile objects in installation sites of the onboard equipment of its accessories of elements. Mathematical processing of the records of RVP received in the case of a large number of experiments. Research on the RVP statistical parameters characterizing its temporal frequency and energy state.

2. Analytical formation of energy spectrums of RVP. Creation, as a base for statistical characteristics of RVP, the generalized energy spectrums reflecting for some time frame the energy and spectral state of RVP in separate points of sampling, in dynamic zones of mobile object and object in general. Unification of energy spectrums, their representation as recommendations for tests of the onboard equipment for influence of RVP, and bringing these recommendations about a measure of accumulation of statistical material to the level of standard norms of tests.

3. Formation of an energy spectrum on test bench of random vibration. Development of test methods for detection of the onboard equipment reaction to the RVP influence.

4. Research of dynamics characteristics of shock-absorbing systems in case of RVP influence. Study of different mechanical models of shock-absorbing systems and devices. Detection of optimum diagrams of arrangement of the elastic and damping elements for obtaining the best parameters of vibroprotection for the onboard equipment. Research in high-frequency area of dynamics of shock-absorbing distributed parameter systems. Creation of amplitude-frequency characteristics of vibration isolation for different mechanical models.

Distinctive feature of the provided method consists in that the random vibration process with the energy spectrum, standing in the given confidential intervals, affects the onboard equipment during the time, which is equal to the work of the appropriate probability on these inequalities for the period of maintenance of this equipment. The similar output is also formulated for duration of laboratory tests of the onboard equipment concerning its technical resource.


random vibration process, statistical model, averagings, energy spectrum


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