Estimation of strapdown inertial navigation system errors during aircraft taxiing and takeoff

Navigation systems


Vavilova N. B.*, Golovan A. A., Kalchenko A. O.**

Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1, Leninskie Gory, Moscow, 119991, Russia



The errors of the strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS) change with time of system’s operation. The paper investigates the possibilities for these errors estimation while aircraft taxiing and takeoff. These estimated values are used afterwards to correct measurements of inertial sensors during the flight. The position and velocity data provided by GPS are used for the estimation procedure.

The SINS includes three single-component accelerometers, three angular rate sensors and an on-board computer, which implements the navigation algorithms. Mathematical models of the proposed calibration algorithm include SINS error equations, a model of instrument errors of inertial sensors and models of supporting measurements. It is assumed that instrument errors of each of the accelerometers include zero offset, a scale factor error, non-orthogonality errors and a high-frequency noise component, which is assumed as white noise. A similar model is assumed for the instrument errors of the angular rate sensors.

The examination of the SINS calibration is based on the covariance analysis. A priori standard deviations selected for the estimated parameters correspond to standard deviations of SINS operation parameters.

In order to analyze the accuracy of the calibration the autonomous navigation mode has been simulated using the estimated parameters on a trajectory consisting of straight-line segments and turns. The duration of the simulation was 1 hour. The simulation of a flight without calibration results in an error equal to 4.4 km. The usage of the proposed estimations helps to improve the accuracy up to 1.9 km.

Thus, numerical simulation shows that the implementation of SINS calibration while taxiing and takeoff improves the accuracy of further autonomous navigation.


strapdown inertial navigation system, calibration, SINS instrumental errors


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