Optimization method of adaptive phased antenna array technical state monitoring and control complex

Antennas, SHF-devices and technologies


Linkevichius A. P.

Group of Companies «RTI», 10/1, 8 Marta str., Moscow, 127083, Russia

e-mail: ALinkevichius@oaorti.ru


The goal of the work consists in optimization method development of decision-making on technical servicing (TS) of adaptive phased antenna array (APAA), including the structure of works, periodicity and TS duration. The decision-making on servicing and recovery is realized in the framework of the unified APAA technical conditions monitoring and control complex, which is developed using reliability characteristics’ modeling, and internal control systems abilities.

The research methodology accounts for the availability of the APAA hardware and software components and uses modern logical-and-probabilistic methods for the reliability analysis of the systems under restoration, based on reliability flowcharts. The problem of reliability characteristics optimization (probability of no-failure and readiness factor) is formulated as the basic method for adaptive TS. Its practical realization is based on implementation of numerical methods for solving an optimization problem.

The author suggests a design method of a complex for monitoring and control of technical state of prospective APAAs based on complex use of built-in monitoring data and numerical solution of optimization problem. To that end, the APAA reliability model, accounting for its specificity as highly reliable information system and including the redundancy specifics, was developed successively.

This complex based on practical use of the reliability model allows compute the content and structure of TS complex, which will ensure the optimal combination of duration, scope, TS periodicity and APAA reliability characteristics (readiness factor optimization).

The obtained results can be applied in the field of reliability increasing and operational life extension of APAA and radar stations in total.


adaptive phased antenna array, technical servicing, optimization, monitoring, controllability


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