The use of combined pulsating air breathing jet engine as a propulsion system for small-size unmanned aerial vehicles

Thermal engines, electric propulsion and power plants for flying vehicles


Minin N. V.

Company «Mezhregionenergosbyt», 101,Vernadsky Prospekt, Housing 3, Moscow, 119526, Russia



In the report is considered the problem of creation and study of design of the new type of small-sized jet engine with free-piston membrane supercharger of a fuel mix in which the part is used for internal cooling heat-stressed mobile units of the engine and reception of work of compression of the compressor membrane type.

The scheme of the new energy installation is developed. Thermal and thermodynamic calculations by technique of the authors are made. The basic constructive sizes of the engine are calculated and the problem of cooling of piston unit by the charge of a fuel mix of the engine that has led to partial regeneration of heat in a cycle to decrease in the specific charge of fuel and increase in altitude is solved.

The maximum power of the power plant is limited by the working diameters of the piston group, its mass, frequency of operation. Examining the design parameters of the engine raises questions on the solution, for minimum capacities — the task of maximum piston operation speed at a speed of up to 30 m/s, a constructive and technological solution to the problem of avoiding traditional spring-ring sealing methods and switching to a smooth pair, Liquid wedge. And also complete withdrawal from the rotational movements of the crank drive, use in the atmospheric engines of the membrane compression system, with direct massless drive from the reciprocating motion of the lightweight piston group and the group of damper compression in the cycle. And the use of synchronizing mechanisms synchronization of moving pistons, cyclically operating without compression loads.

Based on the developed methodology, the main parameters of the aircraft with a starting mass from 1 to 100 kg have been evaluated and it is shown that the proposed new variant of the combined remote control has a weight efficiency comparable with known developments and deserves further more thorough research. Based on the preliminary technical and economic analysis of the lightweight UAV, it is shown that the proposed version meets all the basic requirements of the current stage of development of launch vehicles.


thermal processes, pulsating air jet engine, free piston supercharger


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