On ramjet parameters selection, ensuring a cruising flight specified mode

Fluid, gas and plasma mechanics


Borisov A. D.*, Vasiutichev A. S.**, Laptev I. V.***

Keldysh Research Centre, 8, Onezhskaya str., Moscow, 125438, Russia

*e-mail: a-d-borisov@yandex.ru
**e-mail: aleksey.vas@mail.ru
***e-mail: laptev.iv.kerc@gmail.com


The main feature of ramjets is direct link between parameters inside the propulsion system and parameters of the incoming airflow, which in its turn determines the aerodynamic forces acting on the flying vehicle. Thus, the process of ramjet development is inseparable from the flying vehicle developing as a whole. The flying vehicle layout scheme selection requires considering large number of different options. While developing a new scheme, engineers are generally guided by the existing prototypes and/or analogues. Determining the flow path cross-sections of the propulsion system; fuel reserve and the way of acceleration to the ramjet starting point; control ranges and other parameters is performed while their optimization process along flight trajectories with given restrictions (above all, size and weight).

A large number of parameters determining the flying vehicle flight and the performance characteristics of its propulsion system, their significant effect on each other complicate analyzing the quality of the selected scheme The article presents an engineering technique allowing coordinating and optimizing the parameters of the propulsion system and the vehicle that provide a given cruise flight mode.

Parametric calculations were performed for a 600 mm in diameter flying vehicle. The dependence of thrust and specific impulse on relative inlet area and excess air ratio are presented.

The developed technique is being applied for preliminary determining the acceleration and cruising parameters of a ramjet.


ramjet, flying vehicle, cruise flight, optimization


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