Study and optimization of the thermal state and acceptable level of stresses in the shroud of the turbine rotor blades of a gas generator of aviation high-temperature gas turbine engine

Thermal engines, electric propulsion and power plants for flying vehicles


Le T. D.*, Nesterenko V. G.**

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



The article presents a technique for shrouds of gas generators’ turbine rotor blades designing for conventional and prospective high-temperature gas turbine engines to increase their efficiency, service life and reliability through their cyclic strength in particular. Based on the results of the design studies of temperature state and strength characteristics evaluation of the airfoil blades and their shroud shelves of various configurations, a technique allowing optimize their convective-film cooling was developed. With account for the increased strength characteristics of heat-resistant alloys with rhenium additives, this technique allows designing the shrouds of the high-temperature turbine blades of new generation, while maintaining the required level of allowable stresses and safety margins.

The purpose of the study consisted in identifying the critical areas of the shroud, as well as the airfoil blades requiring increased cooling intensity at reasonable costs of the cooling air. The shroud is usually calculated on bending under the centrifugal forces action, as a cantilever beam of variable cross-section, embedded into the section adjacent to the airfoil blade. A shroud cooling system, which ensures a temperature reduction of the blade of the high-pressure turbine, where the stress values in the shroud are maximum, has been developed. The parameters for the temperature and stress state calculation of the turbine blade shroud of a gas generator were selected to maximize the mode To simulate the viscous flow of incompressible gas in the turbines flow passage, the Navier-Stokes equation was used. In the flow passage domain, a tetra grid was used. On the gas domain surface, a thickening of the grid with 10th prismatic sub-layers was created.

The results of the conducted studies allowed obtain practically significant conclusions and recommendations, which also have a scientific novelty associated with the specification of the nature of the gas flow and the expedient employing of the convective or film cooling in different parts of the shroud and the airfoil blade.


turbine, shroud, turbine blade, cooling system of turbine, convection film cooling


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