2010. № 37

Aviation technics and technology

Kraev V. M., Yanyshev D. S.

The importance of transient process in channels flows applying to aerospace engines engineering is discussed. The simple engineering approach for hydraulic resistance by turbulent flow estimation presented. A common analytical decision for Prandtl type equation for resistance coefficient carried out. The results of modern approach for turbulent flow in round cannel calculation presented.

Keywords: turbulence; unsteady flows; modeling

Bashilov S. A., Nikitin P. V.

Carbon - carbon Composite Materials (CCCM) on the majority of the thermo-physical and other characteristics can be attributed to the category of the most perspective materials which will find wide application by development and creation of planning space flying devices of new generation.

However in such aspect CCCM it should be characterized not only high thermal stability, but also other optimum properties, for example, by a high degree of blackness of a surface of a heat-shielding coating (εw > 0,85) at its low catalytical activity (Кw <1,0). In this article science bases of the high-technology techniques of formation of thermal-resistant heat-shielding coatings on surface CCCM by improvement of the "εw - Кw" properties are analyzed.

Keywords: heat aerodynamic; heterogeneous stream; heat; gas dynamics parameters; heat protection; catalytical property; optical properties

Pravidlo M. N.

In this article are discussed methods of flight test results evaluation, allowing identification of aircraft-carrier and missile aerodynamic interference characteristics for correction of mathematical model of missile separation aerodynamic.

Keywords: launch system; aviation guided missile; aircraft-carrier; aerodynamic interference; aviation ejection launcher; telemetric records filtering; inverse problem solving

Aerospace propulsion engineering

Lukovnikov A. V., Raznoschikov V. V., Yanovskaya M. L.

There are presented the concept and techniques and global mathematical model offered for estimation of new aviation fuel, optimized on structure, by criteria of a system efficiency «Aircraft – Engine – Fuel». Results of parameters optimization for turbojet operation process and structure aviation condensed gas fuel for subsonic transport aircraft of various load-carrying capacity are presented.

Keywords: Engine; aircraft; aviation fuels; efficiency; optimization; mathematical modeling

Space technics and technology

Sologub G. В.

The problem of intelligent automated testing of competence characteristics of engineers for aerospace industry is considered. An overview of existing software tools for generation of tests is performed. Advantages and disadvantages of these tools are analyzed. The principles of a development of computer environment meant for simulation knowledge test are presented.

Keywords: computer-assisted testing; computer-assisted assessment; computer-based assessment; computer-based testing; computerized adaptive testing; computer adaptive testing; adaptive testing.

Panteleyev A. V., Aleshina E. A.

We consider the problem of finding optimal control for deterministic discrete-time system. The detailed algorithm that used different updates of PSO was formed. On the base of developed algorithm we made software that allows us not only to solve the problem but also to display the results in an obvious visual form. The efficiency of software was proved on model examples.

Keywords: optimal control; deterministic discrete-time system; metaheuristic methods; particle swarm optimization; global optimization

Panteleyev A. V., Dmitrakov I. F.

Detailed algorithms of application of the Differential Evolution method are suggested, the software environment for visualization of algorithms is developed.

Keywords: the metaheuristic methods for global optimization; the Differential Evolution method; software

Kolesnikov A. V., Paleshkin A. V.

The methodical approach developed by authors and algorithm of the decision of a problem of a choice of a mode of behaviour of the simulator of the external thermal loadings providing maximum within the possibility of the accepted scheme of the simulator accuracy of reproduction of set thermal loadings on a surface of the examinee of object is stated. Efficiency of the given approach on an example of the decision of specific targets is illustrated.

Keywords: the Simulator; optimisation; thermal loadings; a space vehicle

Mathematics. Physics. Mechanics

Lobanov I. E., Dedov A. V.

Purpose of work theoretical and experimental research intensification of heat exchange at turbulence current of heat-carriers with constant thermal by properties in direct round pipes with the inserted braided tape.

As a result of research the decisions for intensification of heat exchange were received at turbulence current of heat-carriers in the above-stated channels, more general, than existing. The decisions, received in the given research, support by an existing and original experimental material. The existing decisions are a special case of the new decisions. The received experimental data distinguish by originality. The realized theory allows more precisely to predict a level intensification of heat exchange, than available; the theory is necessary for using at operational development existing and development perspective heat exchangers of devices and devices.

The application of the developed settlement methods intensification of heat exchange will allow to lower metal-consuming and dimensions, and also temperature of walls perspective heat exchangers of devices with intensification by heat exchange.

Keywords: the twirled flow braided tape; heat exchange; intensification; mathematical modeling; experiment; turbulence

Dudchenko A. A., Basharov E. A.

The main purpose of the study was development of the analytical method of the account of the diplanation uneasiness at calculation a stress-strain state for multilayer beam. On base analytical formulas built on base of the theories bending multilayer beam and theories of the torsion peg of the utter section stated in papers V. Vasilieva and V. Vlasova was designed method of the account of the diplanation uneasiness beam from composite materials.

Keywords: multilayer beam; stress-strain state; diplanation uneasiness section; torsion moment; static load

Panteleyev A. V., Metlitskaya D. V.

Genetic algorithms of search of a conditional extremum with binary and real coding are described. Strategy of search of the solution of a problem and algorithms of the solution of a problem are suggested. On the basis of algorithms the complex of software which allows to find a conditional extremum of functions of one and many variables has been developed. The analysis of efficiency of suggested algorithms is presented.

Keywords: genetic algorithms; binary coding; real coding; population; the individual; selection; crossover; mutation; criterion function; fitness function

Formalev V. F., Selin I. A.

Quasilinear parabolic equation with initial conditions is solved in an anisotropic space where heat conductivity tensor’s components have power dependence from temperature. Analysis of the solution has show a wave type and finite speed of the diffusion of heat as opposed to infinite speed of case parabolic type linear equation. It is displayed that heat wave’s front in the anisotropic space likes ellipse in case of a plane and likes ellipsoid in case of space. Results are discussed.

Keywords: heat transmission; quasilinear heat conductivity equation; anisotropic space; heat wave; Koshi’s problem

Afanas'ev A. V., Dudchenko A. A., Rabinsky L. N.

The influence of polymeric composite material structure to residual stressedly-deformed condition after forming process is analyzed. Distributions of residual ply-stresses and curvature components are obtained for different number fabric and unidirectional plies in structure.

Keywords: polymeric composite material; residual stressedly-deformed condition; linear thermal expansion coefficient; fabric ply

Theoretical engineering. Mechanical engineering

Smirnov O.

A system approach to the research of Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (PRM) technology is employed in work to manufacture complex components. A radically new scheme of universal technological module to analyze integrated algorithm of RPM while producing component parts has been developed. On the basis of this scheme a complex of functional, mathematics and imitation models has been built, which makes it possible to perform calculative experiments. The methods developed provide an opportunity to chose this or that RPM technology in order to manufacture components in specific economic and technical circumstances.

Keywords: Simulation; Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (RPM); Computer Aided Design (CAD); Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM); Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Bityukov Y. I., Deniskin Y. I.

The summary. Given article is devoted development of geometrical model of technological process of winding of designs from fibrous composite materials. For today's time that fact was not considered that at tape packing on a surface technological оправки the surface form changes. Given article is devoted the decision of this problem. In article the geometrical model of multilayered winding in which change of the form of a surface according to thickness of a tape will be considered will be constructed.

Keywords: the winding, a smoothing spline

Bityukov Y. I., Deniskin Y. I.

The summary. Given article is devoted construction of geometrical model of technological process of winding of designs from fibrous composite materials. On the basis of the constructed geometrical model the computer model of the specified process has been developed. In article its description and possibilities is resulted.

Keywords: winding; the geodetic; semigeodetic system of co-ordinates; a geodetic parallel

Methods and tutorials

Kosarukin V. А.

Ethical aspects of engineering work: during processes designing of, constructioning of and creating of the technical facilities, most of all, during creating the combining few the complexes - megakompleksov ( in particular for example, during designing and creating the objects of military aviation technology). The questions the psychophysiological and moral the qualities of an Individual - of an engineer, the qualities, which determining its professional activity in society; about aspects of assessment of their; and the ways of formation of attitudes the engineer into him professional activities in accordance with the teachings of the Noosphere.

Keywords: an ethics; a morality; an engineer; a professional activities; the "problems of the Appliances"; "the crisis of humanism»; a social criteria for design; the Biosphere

Monakhova V. P., Myshelov E. P., Prokhorova I. V.

In this article the questions of evaluation of training quality (based on excellence model) are being examined (award of Government of the Russian Federation in quality management area).

The end-users (students) satisfaction survey results are being presented, as the most important (in accordance with the model) qualitative characteristic of educational process.

Keywords: education; quality; quality evaluation; quality management system; ISO 9001; excellence model; award of Government of the Russian Federation in quality management area; end-users satisfaction; research; survey

Shumilina A. G.

In this article pay attention to the personal of area space, take problems education, models of competence and it‘s using by enterprises.

Keywords: competence; model of competence; personal; area space

Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities

Rybin V. V.

A research of typical difference operator features on basis of the spectral method for linear non-stationary continuous, discrete and discrete-continuous control system description and analysis is considered [2-4]. The results of such research are general features of two-dimensional non-stationary transfer functions for the typical difference operators and initial value operators (two-dimensional non-stationary transfer functions are defined in relation to biorthonormalized bases [5]).

Keywords: biorthogonal basis; non-stationary control systems; difference operator; spectral method; two-dimensional non-stationary transfer function

Arzhenenko A. Y., Volkov P. A., Vestyak V. A.

Article is devoted to research of development of manufacture controlling systems by resources from the beginning to the origin of ERP-conception as leading conception of automated accounting and to the analysis of advantages and weaknesses of modern ERP-system. Problems of efficiency de-cline of automated accounting at the increase of capacity of ERP-system in the conditions of the developing manufacture are considered. As the decision of these problems the withdrawal from the concept of construction of ERP-systems on the basis of a uniform database and creation of the in-terconnected databases which are responsible for various fields of activity is suggested. Such ap-proach allows to redistribute the loading on system and to raise the efficiency of automation of manufacture that is especially claimed in such areas, as astronautics and the aviation industry.

Keywords: ERP-system; efficiency; automation; manufacture controlling; database

Arzhenenko A. Y., Bayrakovsky S. A., Vestyak V. A.

Already, such services as ticketing, Air cargo is an integral part of the billing system (BS). The aim of this paper is study of development and the development tools of modern BS providing similar services, the definition of its architecture, a comparative analysis of existing products in order to identify the best mechanisms for the development of modern services offered by BS.

Keywords: automated control system; billing system; automation; data base; the calculations

Malinina N. L.

The suggested paper tries to lighten two diametrically opposite approaches to the construction of the net models. The pictorial representation of the directed graphs is proposed as the mathematical abstraction. Both the advantages and the shortcomings of the net model, which are based on either the vertex or the edge graphs, are examined. It is proposed to set the problem of the net model’s synthesis as the operation of the transformation of vertex graph into the edge graph.

Keywords: net model; complicated process; system; directed graph; vertex graph; edge graph

Economics and management

Petrova V. A.

In the article offer structure system of human recourses as main asset scientific and technical enterprise, substantive necessary of using this instruments as goal development enterprises without mobilization of investment.

Keywords: aerospace industry; organization planning; human recourses; manufacturing labor; personnel management; official analysis

Shulzhenko A. D.

In the article the place of modeling of business processes in the mechanism of integration development of the air transport enterprise is considered. The role of procedure of formalization of business processes and formation of organizational and professional competence within the limits of the high technology economical manufacture in the conditions of introduction of innovations is analyzed.

Keywords: business-process; organization design and development; lain production; air transport

Novikov A. N., Pronkin N. N.

The directions of state defense order formation process as the most important factor of providing economic effectiveness of aero industry enterprises are defined.

On the basis of critical analysis of functioning method of state defense order formation is made the restructuring of decision-making process in scope of structure and volume of state defense order. The organizational actions for making the state defense order formation procedure more effective are proposed.

Keywords: state defense order; information technologies; modeling program

Fursova M.

A necessity is proved to develop and to adopt strategic financial plans as the central element of budgets for companies of domestic aircraft industry. A mechanism is suggested to form strategic financial plan in order to increase the efficiency of companies of domestic aircraft industry.

Keywords: planning; plan; strategy; finance; key performance indexes; budget

Panagushin V. P., Gusarova Y. V., Klonitskaya A. Y.

The original author's approach on the assess of financial and economical risks during performance of government work by the aviation industry enterprises is represented. An algorithm of evaluation of financial and economical risks by non-fulfilment of government work on four stages based on comparison of productive potential of aviation industry enterprise and government work is described.

Keywords: financial and economic risks; the federal target program; government work; financial and economic stability; industrial potential; card of risks; damage; probability

Piyavsky B. S., Abdykerov S.

Awarding a higher educational establishment with a National Research Institution category implies a compulsory fulfillment of a series of parameters, stated in the Ministry of Science and Education regulations. To meet the compliances for an educational establishment’s development plan, a multi-criteria methodology is developed, that helps to estimate the use of different development programs proposed by diverse departments of the institution. This methodology is based on a successfully used technology of multi-criteria decision-making and allows to produce the choice and compilation of an optimal development plan for a higher educational establishment over a number of consequent years.

Keywords: multi-criteria choice, methods of decision-making, decision support systems, managerial decisions

Electrotechnology. Electromechanics

Manbekov D. R., Shevtsov D. A.

In the article is showing the possibility of applying control of full-bridge converter according to the volt-second integral ([VSI]). To guaranteeing the symmetrical reversal of polarity of core the special unit – VSI shaping unit were proposed by the authors. There were examined diagrams, both with the galvanic and without the galvanic decoupling of entrance and output with the description of their strong and weak sides.

Keywords: converter; full bridge; reversal of polarity; symmetrical; core; Voltage mode

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