2010. № 38

Aviation technics and technology

Zagordan A. A.

In an effort to improve the wing aerodynamic characteristics of a deck basing aircraft MiG-29K, the Russian Aviation Corporation MiG has developed a wing leading edge flap, consisting of three sections along wing span axis.
Flap parts deviation is provided by twelve mechanisms of a flap chord curvature. Flight and static tests revealed insufficient rigidity of the third section in neutral position. The mathematical model of flap elastic deformable third section was proposed to describe a pattern of wing leading edge flap work under action of external forces and to determine the loadings affecting the parts of mechanisms. EULER software was employed to create the model. Simulation results have allowed to draw the number of conclusions.

Keywords: three-section wing leading edge flap; the mechanism of a curvature of a chord; arms; a kinematic stop

Sorokin Y. A.

This paper describes methodology of computational analysis the tyre failure impact jet blast in the wheel bay. Analysis consists pattern of flow, flow characteristics and singularity, interaction with construction.
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was used for this problem at first time in Russia for RRJ aircraft family (Sukhoi SuperJet 100). Some results of parametric investigations are stated.

Keywords: tyre, tyre failure; wheel bay; computational fluid dynamics, CFD; flight

Yatsenko A. N.

The aim of the work is the workout of ergonomic proposals for presenting primary-flight information on electronic displays in the helicopter cockpit.
The work presents data on the problem of the use of electronic displays, material of experimental assessment and proposals on the improvement of I-frame of the primary-flight information.
The ergonomic recommendation which were set out in the work and adapted for the workout of standard-technical documents which determine the volume and the view of primary-flight information which is reproduced on the electronic displays in helicopter cockpit.

Keywords: multi-function display, electronic display, I-frame, primary-flight information, helicopter

Ignatkin Y. M., Makeev P. V., Shomov A. I.

On the basis of developed at department «Designing of helicopters» of the Moscow aviation institute of mathematical model [1] the software intended for calculation of a wide range of problems of aerodynamics of the helicopter rotor with using of personal computers is created. The model is constructed on the basis of nonlinear vortical theory of the rotor [1] with using model of vortex diffusion. The results received [1; 2] are interesting at creation and modernisation of rotors of helicopters. The software is the convenient tool for the decision of a wide range of problems of aerodynamics of the helicopter rotor.

Keywords: nonlinear vortical model, helicopter rotor, algorithm of calculation, aerodynamic characteristics, aerodynamics of the rotor, rotor flow, software

Makeich G. S., Tukaev M. U., Chibisov Y. N.

The research is conducted at the choice of an aerodynamic configuration of a multimode supersonic unmanned vehicle (MSUV) with subsonic ramjet and shield inlet. Investigations include an CFD aerodynamic calculations and longitudinal trajectory simulation. Measurement research is a М = 2… 4 by March number and Н = 100… 25 000 м by altitude. MSUV considered as prototype of a accelerator aircraft of a reusable aerospace system. Basic results is the program of a MSUV trajectory longitudinal motion and program defined optimal MSUV aerodynamic configuration with ramjet shield inlet. This aerodynamic configuration named “hybrid scheme” since optimal configuration combine behaviour of a canard and tailless schemes.

Keywords: a multimode supersonic unmanned vehicle; ramjet, shield inlet; hybrid aerodynamic configuration

Kovalevich M. V., Klimova A. A.

Many parts of aircraft manufacture of high strength and hard-alloys. One promising area of intensification of stamping operations is the application of superplasticity effect. It ensures the possibility of manufacturing complex shape parts with extremely high degrees of overall and local deformations. Due to the fact that the deformation is entirely due to thinning of the free part of the workpiece without moving the flange, and the degree of deformation is of great importance, the details prodused superplastic forming, have considerable variation in thickness. The successful development process requires the development of effective methods and ways of control the distribution of the thickness. The study demonstrated the effectiveness of combining processes stamping and to reduce the thinning of the SPF. Introduction of superplastic forming technology will create new construtions, reduce costs and cycle of components, shorten production preparation.

Keywords: superplactic forming (SPF), variation in thickness, bending, stretching, to combine operations

Aerospace propulsion engineering

Kuprukhin A. A., Nikitin P. V.

The paper presents a method of experimental determination of catalytic and radia-tive properties of advanced materials for thermal protection of spacecraft gliding class. The method was developed for use in the high-gas-dynamic stands reproducing full-scale thermal parameters during the flight of the spacecraft (spacecraft) in the atmosphere of the Earth and other planets. The influence of catalytic and radiative properties on heat transfer on the surface of spacecraft.

Keywords: thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, thermal protection, heterogeneous flow, zone of mixed uses coatings, thermal protection materials

Frolov V. N., Garanin I. V.

A systems of detonation initiation are studied in the combustion chamber. The parameters of the combustion chamber are rated in the self-oscillation mode, the maximum frequency of pulsations is set.

Keywords: detonation engine, detonation, combustion chamber

Knyazev I. A.

This construction can be applied in different directions of development REHF. Presently on the rockets of class «air-to-air» сhange of a vector of a direction reached by turn a flaps. Application of engine of TT on the rockets of «air-to-air» will allow considerably to decrease time of change of vector of direction of rocket, for a few seconds a rocket will be able not only to turn in necessary direction, but also without the special labour will develop on 180º at the minimum radius of turn as a result hit of purpose a rocket probability will grow considerably. Introduction of this construction in a space subject, will allow us to decide the row of problems. One of main problems it is a decline of weight accordingly increase of useful loading. For example, in composition engine installation emergency rescue system (ERS) «Souz-TMA» uses additional engines, which provide thrown down product evade launch vehicle and balance weight which stabilizes flight ERS. Design installation TT on ERS will allow to liquidate additional engines and a balance weight which weighs about 400 kg.

Keywords: design; mechanism; factor of force of friction; area of enhanceable pressure; calculation area of model; critical section

Bogomolov M. V.

A new approach to strength testing of new typical products for our company, called Products' virtual testing, is provided in this work. This approach provides modeling of the construction's nonlinear deformation processes in time, which allows not only to perform calculations of the construction's separate parts but also to perform an analysis of the whole construction's testing. The advantages of a new approach are compared to the classical methods of construction strength assessment. This approach is concluded to be promising and needing to be implemented in the product cycle of the company.

Keywords: strength calculation; the frame of a solid propellant rocket engine; finite element method; virtual testing; key connections; nonlinear analysis; plastic strains

Kuzmicheva A. O., Melnikova N. S.

This article devoted a method for automatic determination temperature Т*г of the gas flow before working engine turbine. Control by this parameter optimizes engine traction-economic characteristics, to direct exhausts the reserves of its efficiency, partly to fend off decline of engine thrust owing to the inevitable deterioration engine characteristics in operation.
Desired (regression) depending the optimal complexity had got by multilayer group method of data handling (GMDH).
To generate an optimal model specialized software was developed using modern information technologies.

Keywords: regression model; multilayer group method of data handling (GMDH); parameter optimization, the engine; control; gas temperature; sensor

Tkach V. V.

Article represents the methods for multidisciplinary investigation of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine’s main element – main turbine disk. Descriptions of mathematical models being used during investigation, LMS modal analysis processing sequence for mathematical model correction are given here. It is also showed what these methods allow to increase an evaluation accuracy of alternating stresses and high cycle fatigue margin.

Keywords: modal analysis; Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine; High Cycle Fatigue; Durability; Goodman modified diagram

Sevostyanov A. I.

The following article proposes the usage of the optical triangulation method for the distance measuring of the profile of the ceramic rings of a hall thruster which would enable life test cost and time reduction.

Keywords: hall-effect thruster, lifetime test

Mannapov A. R., Zaytsev A. N.

Aspects of pulse electrochemical machining of small-sized (0.1…1 mm) juxtaposed pins by vibrating electrode-tool in the form of thin non-isolated perforated plate are considered. Specific features of this machining scheme are explaned and attempt of formalized discription are given.

Keywords: pulse electrochemical machining; electrode-tool; perforated plate; plurality of pins

Space technics and technology

Aleksushin S. V.

Complex procedures and programs, realizing unified loads assignment approach for structure fatigue evaluation and transport bench test conditions setting, are presented. Flying vehicles transport loads evaluation methods are considered. The methods include simulation of moving on random road profile and determinate road irregularities. Corresponding evaluation examples presented. Cyclic loads evaluation technique with use of dynamic simulation and in-situ loads measurements are suggested.

Keywords: loads; dynamics; transport; flying vehicle; durability.

Posadsky A. I., Novikov S. A.

Problems of formation and dynamic updating of the plan of supervision of the mobile sea objects, time made on a set interval are considered. The data about results of survey of areas of possible position of these objects, arriving in the centre of reception and processing of the information of System is thus considered. Приводится описание разработанной имитационной модели, как инструментального средства для исследования эффективности алгоритмов планирования.

Keywords: system of space monitoring, space supervision, remote sounding of the Earth, onboard equipment of the review, planning of supervision, stochastic statement of a problem of planning, tracking a site of sea object, updating of the plan of supervision

Chekanov S. S.

This article examines related to Flash Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology - Adobe Flex - as a tool for the development of geoinformation systems (GIS). Argued the necessity of creation a new universal GIS. Described the architecture of author's client/server browser-based GIS; considered issues of vector data representation, increasing of self-descriptiveness and readability of spatial data. Cited the advices of designing user interface, as instance presented geoplayer and revolver menu. While researching and developing Adobe Flex technology proved to be the optimum for the creation of geoinformation systems with modern level of requirements.

Keywords: geoinformation system; browser-based gis; geoplatform; adobe flex; flash; ria; rich internet applications; user interface; geoplayer; revolver menu

Kravchuk S. V., Shatsky M. A., Kovalev A. Y.

Principles of software design for hierarchical satellite control and management system are described in the article. The created system coordinates the operations of different subsystems of satellite (stabilization, navigation and other subsystems) in order to accomplish the target satellite function on different periods of flight and operations (goal satellite purpose, orbit correction, failure counter etc.). The described principles are invented in satellite control systems produced in MOKB MARS

Keywords: Satellite; control and management system; spacecraft computer system

Control systems

Sologub G. В.

A simulation knowledge test technology is described as well as a program realization of a computer environment meant for generation of tests and organization of computerized testing.

Keywords: computer-assisted testing; computer-assisted assessment; computer-based assessment; computer-based testing; computerized adaptive testing; computer adaptive testing; adaptive testing

Kirpichev K. U., Neretin E. S.

In given article is described the developed complex for high frequency optical electronic different function devices testing. The basic results of work are: working out of complex structure and algorithms of work. Use of automated complex allows to receive, analyse and draw conclusions on quality of work such optical electronic components, as laser diodes, photodetectors and matrix optical electronic light modulators.

Keywords: automated; complex; testing; optical electronic; an element; laser; the diode; the photo diode; the modulator

Malshakov G. V.

The analysis of economic efficiency of automation of managerial processes on the basis of CALS - technologies is lead. Analytical expressions for calculation of economic benefit are received at designing the management information system institute of higher education with use CALS - technologies which differ that with the purpose of increase of accuracy of an estimation of effect use a logic matrix of interaction of subsystems.

Keywords: efficiency; CALS; automation; institute of higher education; processes; management

Kovalev L. K., Koneev S. M., Poltavez V. N., Goncharov M. V., Il'yasov R. I.

Calculation methods for magnetic fields and levitation forces in magnetically levitated carriages on the base of bulk high-temperature superconducting (HTS) materials and permanent magnets (PM) are considered. The analysis of parameters of magnetically levitated systems of various configurations and design is presented. Experimental and theoretical characteristics of large-scale model of high-speed transport with bulk HTS and PM and design load ~ 600 kg are presented.

Keywords: high-speed transport; magnetically levitated; bulk HTS element; permanent magnet; experimental model

Mishin A. Y., Frolova O. A., Isaev Y. K., Yegorov A. V.

The subject for this study is an integrated data measurement system for an advanced uninhabited air vehicle (UAV) which consists of a strapdown inertial navigation system, a satellite navigation unit and a radio instrument system for velocity component and altitude measurement. The aim of this study is to create a concept and software algorithmic solutions for building of the integrated system that can provide the UAV control system with valid navigation data having the proper accuracy under diverse operation environments. In this paper the mathematic models for the inertial data sensors / systems are synthesized, the data flow diagram and operation logic for the integrated system software are developed, the results of the synthesized algorithm simulation using the digital computer system are given.

Keywords: strapdown inertial navigation system; uninhabited air vehicle; satellite navigation; Kalman filter

Tirtichny A. A.

There’re basic principles of micromechanical autooscillating inertial sensors’ designing in this paper. Methods of analysis of optoelectronic position sensor’s parameters are developed. Advantages of electromagnetic drivers are examined. It’s established that application of the micromechanical autooscillating inertial sensors simultaneously allows engineers to achieve both increasing of sensitivity and rising of measurements precision.

Keywords: autooscillations; inertial sensor; micromechanics; optoelectronic position sensor; magnetoelectric, electromagnetic and electrostatic drivers

Kravchuk S. V., Shatsky M. A., Samus P. A.

Structure and algorithms of stabilization system are described in the article. The created system is based on star-sensor information about the orientation and radial speed of satellite. This ability enables to raise operational safety and reliability under partly or full gyroscope failure.
The system is applied in space satellite control system and accomplished operation tests. Capability of using the designed system both on already launched and newly-made satellites was shown during the tests and utilization.

Keywords: satellite; stabilization and regulation system; star-sensor

Lobanov B. S., Hlopov B. V., Fesenko M. V.

Progress in the field of information technologies, large-scale information of all fields of activity demand constant perfection of methods and means of a safety of the information. One of components of a safety of the information is creation of conditions of its reliable storage, processing, transfer and destruction. The requirement for the equipment for guaranteed destruction of the information from magnetic carriers is caused by necessity of preservation of modes of the limited access to documents. Appearance PUE01 does not open its functional applicability and looks as hand luggage.

Keywords: the electronic carrier; destruction of the information.

Sysuev A. V.

The probabilistic and guarantee quality system analysis approach in conditions of stochastic uncertainty with presence of small stochastic parameter are compared. Approximate absolute and relative evaluations of the effectiveness are obtained. The uncertainty is assigned of the Barmish class distributions. Provided to be that using of quantile criterion is more effective than guarantee criterion in that conditions. This effect is appeared not less than 39%.

Keywords: Barmish class; quantile approach; guarantee approach; loss function; stochastic uncertainty

Kiyko A. S.

The problem of choice of the orbital structure of the spacecraft with a long term of active existence in highly elliptical orbits multipurpose space system is consider in this article. The spacecraft solves the problem of monitoring of the Earth's surface and bring the information to subscribers of this space system. The author say that for choice the orbital structure may be used an approach, based on consideration of spatial-temporal characteristics of the system and the time of the maximum permitted degradation.

Keywords: orbital structure; orbital parameters; evolution; spacecraft; method of estimating the characteristics

Polosukhina K. A.

This article is about the method of local vertical construction, which is based on the satellite imaging data, for satellite of Global Earth Monitoring System that is placed on highly eccentric elliptical orbit. The main difference of proposed method from the traditional ways of satellite orientation is that it doesn’t demand for any special equipment, which determines the direction of the center of the Earth (i.e. construct the local vertical).

Keywords: orientation; satellite sounding equipment; statistic characteristics; exactness calculating

Mechanical Engineering

Mitin I. A., Nikulochkin M. J.

The methods and results of working out of expert system for the analysis of configurations of planes about conformity to standard documents of the Aviaregister of Interstate Aviation Committee (AR IAC) are presented. Methods of reception and the analysis of initial data in the environment of CAD/CAM system ProEngineer are stated, examples of work of subprograms of system are shown at checks of configurations of planes. Preliminary results are received.

Keywords: non-localized dispersion of the mass of the engine; configuration systems; risk ratio; degree of risk; the angle of defeat; the chances of failure; the chances of a catastrophic situation; the chances of a catastrophic situation the aircraft; the mechanism of measuring angles; the model of failure of functional systems.

Smirnov M., Malyugin A. S.

Polymer composite materials selected by the authors as a model environment for the introduction of solid nanoparticles as the target modifiers, drastically changing the properties of the composite are the most preferable to the current macro-structural materials.
Obtained in this material may be applied not only in the development of repair compounds, but also for designing special polymer composite materials for constructional purposes, including those with extremely high properties.
The proposed approach to the layout of a polymer composite material containing nanoparticles of carbon, metals and ceramics, as well as similar Micron, significantly reduces the costs of conducting research in the distribution of particles in viscous media.

Keywords: polymer composite material; nanoparticles; repair compound; modification tie

Smirnov M., Malyugin A. S.

One of the modern directions of laminates hybrid structure is the creation of new synthetic armor with low specific gravity and minimum zapregradnym shift at high dissipation of impact energy, low penetration and high cyclic survivability.
These materials are required in the aviation engine building, in the manufacture of airframe (aircraft) and helicopters, the production of anatomical body armor, armored assault helmets, mounted passive and reactive protection of mobile ground equipment, storm barriers, blast containers and many others. etc.
The authors of the project developed a constructive-technological method for rigid panels made of soft poliaramidnyh materials while maintaining all the original properties of the fibers contained a polymer with high impact resistance.

Keywords: synthetic armor; poliaramidnye materials; body armor, carbon nanomaterials; bronepanel

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems

Vdovichenko A. G.

Present clause is devoted to a question of maintenance of necessary conditions for measurements of parameters radiotransparent radoms perspective flying devices in freedom chambers due to an estimation of characteristics freedoms in a working zone of the chamber, known ways of measurement of factor freedoms are considered, and also their comparative analysis is lead.

Keywords: freedom the chamber; radiotransparent radom; factor freedoms; amplitude of a signal

Sgadova N. A., Strulev I. M.

The structure of the antenna with reflector, which has property of homology in a wide range of elevation angles, is considered. In the process of the antenna designing the method of a quantitative estimation of reflector deformation, based on the analysis of deflection of the reflector deformed surface from an approximating surface, is used.

Keywords: parabolic antenna; approximating surface; homology; astigmatism

Ivanov S. A.

Principal types of high-integrated elements damages, arising at electrostatic discharge influence on electronics, are considered in this article. Complex actions for prevention of electronics damages by the electrostatic discharge during all cycles of manufacture, transportation, installation and operation are stated also.

Keywords: electrostatic discharge; high-integrated elements; antistatic; dielectric materials; electrostatic discharge protected area; air ionization.

Ivenkov I. I.

The radar-tracking images data processing has been received by a SAR with sensitivity-time control (STC) are considered. Theoretical models of underlying terrain of various types are offered. Theoretical STC functions for various operating modes SAR and types of the underlying terrain are calculated, allowing to improve the radar-tracking image at the expense of correction intensity distortions. Possibility to bring the correcting factors, considering instability of parametres of blocks on a pilot-signal is considered.

Keywords: sensitivity-time control; scattering cross-section; farness distortion; internal calibration

Alekseev E. V., Fitenko V. V.

The article constitutes the results of testing altimetric channel of lander radar for spacecraft “Fobos-Grunt”. Methods for estimating the accuracy of altitude measurements in the absence of external trajectory of measuring are considered.

Keywords: landing radar; fobos-grunt

Saharov V. O.

The paper aim is speech control channel creating for radar equipment. Research and models of speech signals presented to synthesize speech command recognition system. Soft and hard are worked out.

Keywords: speech signals; recognition; phonemes; speech control channel; speech commands; features

Savinov M. М.

In this work we compared the characteristics of the potential accuracy of measurements of angular coordinates for the three and four-channel monopulse direction-finding phase-phase sensitive elements with semi-arbitrary location of the receiving points on the ellipse in the plane of equal phases, which are in optimal maximum likelihood. Criterion it is shown that for low signal to noise ratio, three-channel sensor element has up to two times greater the potential accuracy of measurements of angular coordinates of location of the object.

Keywords: three-channel monopulse phase-phase direction-finding sensor element, the potential accuracy of measurement of angular coordinates

Economics and management

Mikheyeva L. S.

Radio Engineering industry is an important system-branch of the economy of Russia. Economic reforms in Russia are carried out in a crisis situation in the domestic aviation and space industries. One the way out of crisis is the formation of a new organizational management and strategy development company based on process-value approach. Therefore, the organization conducting the re-engineering of business processes achieving the growth of the main indicators of economic efficiency of enterprises

Keywords: mechanism of management; reengineering; process-cost approach; strategy development; business process integration; information system; ERP-systems

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