2010. № 41

Space technics and technology

Averina T. A., Rybackov K. A.

We consider the analysis problem of nonlinear ensemble path control systems subject to the random change of structure and two methods for its solving: the statistical simulation method and the spectral method. Developed methods and algorithms are used to analysis of the satellite stabilization system. 

Keywords: ensemble path control systems; random structure systems, statistical simulation method; spectral method; satellite stabilization

Kasmerchuk P. V.

In work parities for calculation of Freshe’s derivatives in a case of a general functionals, defined on a trajectory of compound dynamic system are received. The received parities allow to reduce essentially computing expenses for a finding of the specified derivatives in problems of optimization of trajectories (which gravity assist maneuvers can contain) spacecrafts (SC) with the low thrust, characterized by of a high dimension control vector produced by approximation of initial continuous control. Correctness of the received parities proves to be true comparison with a numerical method of calculation of the specified derivatives.

Keywords: Compound dynamic system; low thrust; mixed functional; differentiation; Freshe’s derivative.

Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities

Arzhenenko A. Y., Bayrakovsky S. A., Vestyak V. A.

The aim of this paper is to study and implement a way to add new providers in the billing system and the implementation of "flexible" interface configuration interaction of the ISP's end user, which is especially important to register air, the realization of ticket sales. This article describes the development tools and programming examples that can be used as a practical application for solving such problems. The examples of the interaction of objects with the database software module that controls the settings of the service providers.

Keywords: billing System, ISP, automation, check, database, script work, interface

Arzhenenko A. Y., Volkov P. A., Vestyak V. A.

Article is devoted the organisation of the interaction between databases that provide account of the enterprise activity in cosmonautics and the aviation industry on very stage of the manufac-ture: from the purchase of materials till the realization of ready production, during the creation of the divaricate system of the automated account on the basis of an automated enterprise resources controlling system of an ERP-class. With a view to increase the efficiency of automation earlier au-thors offered the creation of such system and the development of data exchange objects. The result of the introduction of such objects taking into account the requirement of specific manufacture is a fundamentally new automatic control system – the system of the automated account of the enter-prise activity which allows to use computing resources most efficiently in the production of aircrafts and other aviation and space equipment.

Keywords: ERP-system, efficiency, automation, manufacture controlling, database

Neretin E. S., Chubarov O. U.

In given article is described the developed automated information-measuring and operating system for small draft liquid rocket engines fire tests (ZHRD МТ). The basic results of work are: working out of structure and algorithms of system work. Use of the automated system allows to receive, analyse and draw conclusions on quality of work of various ZHRD МТ.

Keywords: Information-measuring and operating system; small draught liquid rocket engine; fire tests; application of SCADA-systems.

Rybin V. V.

Presently various mathematical computer-oriented systems and their extension packages are used for calculations in the education. These packages are applied for a study of spectral form of the control system mathematical description. The design technique of MLSY_SM extension packages for Mathcad, Maple, Mathematica, and Matlab is discussed in [9]. Such packages allow analyzing the linear nonstationary continuous or discrete control systems in the spectral domain. In this paper MLSY_SM extension package for Mathcad in the projection grid finite basis and features of its formation are considered. Use of MLSY_SM extension package is illustrated by the Cauchy problem solution. Also MLSY_SM can be used for analysis and synthesis of the aircraft control systems, which are an important part of the airspace rocket complex.

Keywords: projection grid finite bases, non-stationary automatic control systems, spectral form of the mathematical description, mathematical computer-oriented systems.

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems

Bolshov O. A.

This paper represents the results of studies designed to provide information security of radio communication channels transmitting speech messages. On the basis of empirical data on the human hearing sensitivity thresholds, some threshold signal noise ratios were determined at the input of an intelligence receiver, where an operator can hardly read messages at the lowest possible limit.

Keywords: vocoder; threshold signals; information protection.

Boriskin A. D.

This article is about two new methods of compression data from Global Navigation Satellite System. The first one – is probabilistic method, when more probable values are coded compression) allows to write in more compact form information about satellite and signal with shorter code, and less probable – with longer code. The second method (structural numbers.

Keywords: compression, compression of normal process, haffman compression, satellite and signal mask, cell mask.

Vasiliev I. S., Kozlov I. P.

Propagation of Electromagnetic Wave in a Planar-Stratified Dielectric Layer Close to Zero of the Permittivity An accurate solution to the problem of a normal incidence plane wave propagation in a plane-stratified dielectric layer of arbitrary thickness close to a zero of the permittivity is studied. Computed data for the wave are presented.

Keywords: accurate solution, normal incidence, plane-stratified dielectric layer, zero of the permittivity, planar electromagnetic wave

Duong D. H., Pham V. A.

The work is dedicated to the development of a regression mathematical model for approximate estimation of the square circuit board functional cells. We made a statistical study of parameters of functional cells in limited samples and constructed statistical distribution of the ranks of the area of printed circuit boards, the total number of findings of integrated circuits and the total installation area of radioactive elements to be placed on the PCB. For treatment method of statistical regression analysis, a mathematical model as a regression equation is related to the estimation of the area of the PCB functional cells with pin count blocks of integrated circuits and the total installation area of radioactive elements.

Keywords: modeling, statistics, regression, correlation

Aerospace propulsion engineering

Volkov N. N., Volkova L. I., Mironov V. V., Tsatsuev S. M.

Numerical model counting an environment impact on radiant cooled nozzle extension made of carbon-ceramics composite materials heat condition is presented. Appropriate method of numerical interpretation of LRE experiment on test bench results was developed as a result.

Keywords: heat transfer; nozzle; radiant cooled nozzle extension; altitude test; barochamber

Lanskii A. M., Lukachev S. V., Matveev S. G.

The article gives an analysis of the effect of dimension on characteristics and parameters of the combustion chambers of GTE. The features associated with changes in cycle parameters and the appearance of the engine, as well as with the change of scale of relative values that characterize the structure and processes in the combustion chamber

Keywords: combustion chamber; statistics; dimension; of the cycle; geometrical dimensions

Lanskii A. M., Lukachev S. V., Matveev S. G.

Results of the investigations of aerodynamic flow structure and masoobmena a swirl burner combustion chambers of gas turbine engines. An empirical formula was obtained by the residence time of fuel-air mixture in the recirculation zone on the scale of the burnerthe swirl, the escape velocity, mixture composition and method of its filing.

Keywords: flow structure; masoobmen; swirl burner; stay; area recycling.

Medvedskiy A. L., Kornev Y. V., Kurbatov A. S.

Work is devoted definition of physicomechanical characteristics on macro and micro levels 4D the composite materials reinforced carbon-carbon (CCCM) at action of a temperature field. In work the technique of definition of physicomechanical characteristics 4D reinforced carbon-carbon composite on the basis of methods nanoindention of matrix and binding is offered. Elastic characteristics a component spatially reinforced CCCM are defined.

Keywords: 4D carbon-carbon composite materials; elastic characteristics; experiment; a technique; nanoindention.

Ryabov A. A., Zhelezov S. A., Rechkin V. N., Shmotin Y. N., Veselov A. V., Muller A.

Comparison of Finite Element (Abaqus) and Finite Volume (STAR CCM+) computational techniques efficiency in investigation of an Aircraft Turbine Exhaust Frame thermal stress is being performed. Basic characteristic features, meshing efforts, numerical calculations results accuracy and convergence are being studied. Advantages of STAR CCM+ novel computational technique that can improve calculation efficiency and essentially reduce development effort are being demonstrated.

Keywords: turbine Exhaust Frame (TEF); computational technique; finite element method; finite volume method; numerical calculations; mode of deformation.

Shcherbakov M. A., Marchukov E. Y., Kartovitskiy L. L.

In this paper, the numerical study results for spherical cavities on the suction face of the compressor blade have been done to define the range of the compressor cascade operating condition without the flow separation. For increase of the regime without the flow separetion the range of optimal geometric parameters of cavities were obtaned. The modified blade profile characteristic was compared with the basic profile on the other compressor cascade operatinfg conditions. It is shown the designate study field has future.

Keywords: turbulent model, CFD, compressor cascade, vortex structure

Mathematics. Physics. Mechanics

Goryainov A. V.

A new so-called skeleton algorithm was proposed for solving a generalized problem of linear programming, but the issue of convergence of the algorithm has not been studied in details yet. In the paper a convergence of the skeleton algorithm, i.e. an opportunity to obtain a solution with a given accuracy in a finite number of steps is proved.

Keywords: correction of motion; linear ideal impuls correction; generalized problem of linear programming; skeleton algorithm; column-generate method; convergence

Krikunov M. M.

Research of a three-dimensional motion of solid bodies of a constant and variable structure remains to one of central problems a dynamics of solid body and their systems, and also has the important value for applied problems of mechanics of space flight. In-process investigates a solid body of a variable structure with desired laws of a modification of moments of inertia. Equations of motion of a solid body of a variable structure are injected on the basis of a formalism of Hamilton. On the basis of the inferred equations the mathematical model of motion of a solid body of a variable structure in canonical variables Andyae-Deprit is under construction. For the analysis of dynamic it is carried out analytical and a numerical modeling of motion of a body. Existence of chaotic conditions in a system is displayed on the basis of method of Melnikov-Wiggins. Outcomes of activity can be used for the analysis and synthesis of conditions of an attitude of a space vehicle on the active legs with a modification of a mass.

Keywords: Solid body of a variable structure; Hamiltonian; phase portrait; numerical model operation; Poincare section; dynamic chaos; Melnikov’s function

Aviation technics and technology

Dolgov O. S., Kuprikov N. M., Lyakishev M. A.

The paper describes new approaches of moment of inertia shape formation of future technology vehicle. Defined preferable zones of placing fuel and payload accordingly its mass. Rated regularities between the geometric characteristics of alternative variants of placing fuel in the wing and payload in the fuselage and the moment of inertia parameters of the aircraft. Designed method of moment inertia characteristics of long-haul passenger aircraft determination with targeted accurate intervals.

Keywords: moment of inertia; fuel tank layout; payload layout, control system

Markin N. N., Chistov M. S.

Runway complexes of major airports are very scarce and expensive resources and their capacity is gravely limited by separation requirements between aircrafts. This paper considers the aircraft landing problem when the separation requirements have to be fulfilled. If an arriving aircraft enters the radar range of an airport, then air traffic control must assign a landing time and a runway has to be assigned in case of multi-runway systems. In order to solve the aircraft landing problem, the aircraft landing control is proposed to construct the sequence of landing aircrafts for each runway and the aircraft landing in the pointing time.

Keywords: aircraft; runway; landing time; separation requirements; air traffic control

Electrotechnology. Electromechanics

Gerashchenko A. N., Kulikov N. I., Kupriyanov A. D.

The result of the research of active zone parameters influence of the thyratron motor with the discretely distributed winding on values maximal interlinkage branch, the cogging torque amplitude and the harmonic structure of the curve EMF was considered at this article. These performances define quality index of the gearless electric drive based on the thyratron motor.

Keywords: gearless electric drive; thyratron motor; performance capabilities; discretely distributed winding

Economics and management

Korzhueva L. M., Novikov S. V.

The article analyzes the infrastructure projects in education and the classification of innovative subsystems. The authors presented a system evaluation of the effectiveness of innovative targeted programs that will allow for the selection of the most effective investment direction, implemented educational and research institutions.

Keywords: Infrastructural projects, innovative targeted programs, effectiveness.

Kuznetsov V. S.

Creating an efficient and competitive aircraft industry requires not only the consolidation of the industry into a single corporation, but the specific changes in aircraft construction enterprises themselves, members of the United Aircraft Corporation.

Keywords: Aircraft construction enterprise, management system, corporation, functional approach, process approach, project management.

Navigation systems

Pron'kin A. N., Kuznetsov I. M., Veremeenko K. K.

The paper discusses the integrated navigation system of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), it is proposed its structure and basic characteristics are investigated. The research of the system properties is carried on using developed method on the simulation and hardware-in-the-loop modeling software complex. UAV approach was simulated in correction mode of strapdown inertial system (SINS) by the satellite navigation system (SNS) and pseudolites (PL). The effect of PL signals at the accuracy of navigation solution of SNS was investigated. The results of complex processing of navigational information in the integrated navigation system are presented.

Keywords: unmanned aerial vehicles, inertial navigation system, micromechanical sensors, satellite navigation system, optimal information processing, integrated navigation.

Theoretical engineering. Mechanical engineering

Tikhonov K. M., Tishkov V. V.

The technique of robotic system simulation based on the integration of SimMechanics and Matlab using CAD-compiler is considered as a promising way to create adequate models of me-chanical systems. This article was prepared with the support of RFBR grant 10-08-00897-a.

Keywords: aviation robotic systems, simulation, information technology, the dynamics of the mechanism.

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