2011. № 49


Bazadze N. G.

In the article raises the problem of the importance of system integrators approach to teamwork and organizational competencies in providing high-mass modernization of national defense sectors of the economy on the example of air - and the rocket, roles of the MAI as a national research university in the restoration of the status of the country's leading university on the organization of labor in new environment on the principles of lean management philosophy, to establish itself as the leading university in the new format of training.

Keywords: systems engineering, organizational design, competencies, organizational development, CDIO Initiative, the generation of knowledge, development of engineering education, engineers on the organization and regulation of labor, the Russian defense industry, national research universities.

Gidaspov V. Y.

Results of numerical researches of ignition and detonation of a gas mixture of disperse particles of aluminum with air are resulted. The simplified physical and mathematical model of process is developed. Disperse particles are considered two-componental and consisting of aluminum and an aluminum oxide, processes of fusion and material evaporation, and also superficial reaction of formation of oxide of aluminum are considered. Bearing gas is multicomponent, being in a condition of thermodynamic balance, presence in combustion products ultradisperse particles of aluminum, oxide of aluminum and aluminum nitrate is thus considered. The settlement way defines the minimum speed of distribution and thin structure of a stationary detonation wave. It is shown that the parameters calculated in her aspire to the equilibrium values. Developed the physical and mathematical model and computing algorithms can be used at creation of a technique of modeling of a detonation metal-gas mixes in multidimensional statement.

Keywords: metallized fuel, thermodynamic and portable properties of substances, chemical kinetics, detonation, numerical simulation.

Space technics and technology

Vladimirov A. V., Pritykin A. Y., Shluinskiy Y. T.

This article is devoted to the problem decision of mathematical models building as to the dynamics of liquid propellant components in tanks. It shows that it is necessary to apply special dynamic models of liquid component behavior for different phases of SC injection into the orbit. Special attention is paid to cryogenic propellant modeling.

Keywords: propellant dynamics, over-loads, Launch Vehicle (LV), Spacecraft (SC), Upper Stage (US).

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