2012. № 54

Space technics and technology

Evstratov D. I.

a mathematical model describing the work of the energy converter gazogidravlicheskogo steering gear in the area of delay is given power.

Keywords: solid-gas generator, transmitter power, propellant, the transition process, the steering control

Control systems

Zavedeyev A. I.

Synthesis, methodology and algorithms of failurestable control on base principles of analytic surplus functional reserve and reconfiguration are considered.

Keywords: spacecraft; control system; failurestable; surplus; reserve; reconfiguration; algorithm.

Zavedeyev A. I., Kovalev A. Y.

Different approaches to problem of improving onboard spacecraft control system failurestable on base principles of optimization and reconfiguration with using probability index and adaptive logic in diagnostic algorithms are considered.

Keywords: spacecraft; onboard control system; failurestable; diagnostic; testing; reconfiguration; algorithm

Lebedev G. N., Tin P., Tran V. T.

The problem is the simultaneous control of the security accompanying the movement of aircraft and control by automatic means. We propose a combined two-tier structure and control that provides with an adaptive adjustment controls necessary safety of flight in a passing motion during the approach.

Keywords: safety control, optimal control, aircraft, dynamic programming, function of risk

Navigation systems

Aleshin B. S., Antonov D. A., Veremeenko K. K., Zharkov M. V., Zimin R. Y., Kuznetsov I. M., Pron'kin A. N.

One of possible approaches of working out of a small-sized integrated navigation & landing complex for an unmanned aerial vehicle is presented. The construction concept, design, and software of the complex are considered. An example of working out of a small-sized onboard navigation & landing complex based on the suggested approach and results of its flight tests are resulted.

Keywords: unmanned aerial vehicle, inertial navigation system, MEMS, global navigation system, magnetic compass, the system of air signals, the optimal processing of information, integrated navigation system.

Aleshin B. S., Antonov D. A., Veremeenko K. K., Zharkov M. V.

Results of the first stage of investigation of design possibilities and the main properties of the tightly-coupled inertial/satellite navigation system are given in the article carried out under the support of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research. The main objective of the first stage of investigation was development of theoretical bases for the creation of the integrated system. The main feature of the research is inclusion of the GNSS multiantenna receiver in structure of еру system that allows obtaining attitude determination

Keywords: integrated navigation system, inertial navigation system, multiantenna satellite navigation system, optimal information processing.

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